Tuesday, November 15, 2016

831 Misadventures of Respected Shri Narendra Modi and Arun Jaitley helped me immensely and saved me Rs.17,500/-

The misadventures of our beloved Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, and our Finance Minister, Mr. Arun Jaitley, into their world of Demonetization of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 currency notes, has served as a blessing in disguise for me. In my blog post No. 829, I have informed my readers that my father aged 90, who is suffering from age-related physical and mental stress left home without telling anybody, a few days before demonetization. We thought that he has in his bag, something like Rs. 5,000/-. But he has about Rs. 150 in small denominations, and a Rs. 500x2 notes only. After spending his Rs.100+ on bus fare and first day's food, he was left with the Rs. 500 notes. Owing to demonetization, he could not buy food or pay return fare. After starving for 2/3 days, with some good samaritan's help he reached home fully exhausted, with one leg bruised and forming pus. Demonetization-induced-starving, made him to return home.

Actually, at that particular moment I needed about Rs.17,500/- to pay to Andhra Jyothy for releasing a Missing Person Advertisement. The newspaper office people were ready to accept even old Rs.500/1000 notes, but cash only. I did not have cash, old or new stuff. I suggested to them to accept an online payment. Unfortunately, the staff-member could not get their Bank a/c No. and name of the Bank Branch for remitting the amount through Bank transfer. It appears that they did not have the online payment system. I did not have demonetized notes worth Rs. 17,500/-. I didn't want to beg neighbors. While I was breaking my head for 2/3 days, about how to mobilise cash , my father returned. Had there not been demonetization, I might have drawn Rs. 17,500 from a nearby ATM and paid for the ad. Are not our PM and FM saving our monies?

yb-donkey: Mr. Narendra Modi has many similarities with Late Mrs. Indira Gandhi. Ms. Gandhi made all her ministers impotent. Mr. Narendra Modi made his ministers "dUdU basavannAs", a Telugu language phrase. In Andhra Pradesh State, during festival days, folk-players visit house-to-house with their oxen, which are trained to dance in tune with the commands/gestures of their masters. The word Basavanna refers to the sacred ox, in reference to Lord Shiva's vehicle, a great ox called Nandi. "DUDU" refers to shaking of heads in obeisance. Whenever a Central Cabinet Meeting is held, they just shake their heads to whatever the PM says; lest they should lose their place in the Cabinet.

Though Mrs. Gandhi didn't openly seek publicity, she has covertly sought publicity. That desire for publicity led to enslaving of All India Radio and Door Darsan, to sing the praises of Mrs. Indira Gandhi. Now, it is the turn of Mr. Narendra Modi, and his Man Friday Mr. Venkaiah Naidu, to make use of Prasar Bharati for publicity.

Traditionally India's Prime Ministers from 1966 Jan. 12 to, 2016 Nov. 16, expect / expected their Ministers to be DUDU Basavanna's only. By becoming DUDU Basavanna's, the Central Ministers will be deceiving their own consciences and souls. They have a duty to speak out, particularly to speak out openly, when they have a dissenting view. They should not feel shy that other Ministers or the PM will laugh at him or ridicule him. If the dissenters receive ridicule from the majority, the dissenters should not hesitate to resign from the Cabinet, after insisting that whatever he/she said and whatever others said, be recorded in the Minutes of the Meeting.

According to the news reports on the day the Central Cabinet met, while Mr. Narendra Modi was to address the Nation to announce Demonetization, the Central Cabinet Ministers were asked to deposit their mobiles. What a sad situation, both for the PM, and his Ministers! The PM and the FM could not trust his own Ministers, for maintaining secrecy. If the Respected Prime Minister is unable to trust his Ministers to maintain secrecy, is it the right way to seek deposit of mobile phones?


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