Friday, September 2, 2016

802 Crossword Puzzle ybcw 002, and News Reviews

YB CrossWord Puzzle No. YBCW 002
Here are the clues for the CrossWord Puzzle No.ybcw 002. This time, we have reduced the grid size to 11x11. We are trying to improve the quality of the vocabulary in the Data Dictinoary.

1. Standardization (11).
11. Having eaten voraciously (9).
12. Netherlands (2).
13. An English baby-name with meanings of an army commander and a noble man.
14. dogma, principle, popular belief, way of thinking(5).
17. Einsteinium, an element in chemistry (2).
18. A mathematical cut in Abstract Algebra, named after Richard ____(9).
21. Repulse something odious (5).
23. A Philippine City of 400,000 population near Manila. Hawaiian underground ovens to cook pigs (5).
24. How many ___ did Serina win? (5).
25. A lucky number sought after for vehicles in some countries such as India (4).
26. Do Saints have ____ souls? (9).
29. Operating System (2).
30. Portuguese and Spanish baby-boy name, to mean 'a great judge' (5).
31. A babyname of 'hope' in Slavic languages (5).
34. Savings Bank (2).
35. Entangles and entraps (8).

1. Changes (11).
2. Short for a gateway with parks and trees (3).
3. 'the' in French (2).
4. Anger (3).
5. Largest Private Foundation in Europe, owning Media Empires and RandomHouse, having great influence on European Union (11).
6. Bred, brought up (5).
7. To repent for sins, and redeem oneself (5).
8. A belief about 'ability to move objects, using mental powers' (11).
9. Not out (2).
10. Not available, Not applicable (2).
16. German babyname to mean 'bright and noble' (5).
18. Does not buy (5).
19. Dispute, objection (5).
20. Convent dweller dedicated to chastity, obedience and poverty (3).
22. Friend (3).
33. Because (2).


The above photo will generate true reverance to Pope Francis, only if he stops eating mutton, lamb, beef, chicken, and bacon.

Pope Francis may be, by beatifying and canonising Mother Theresa, may be repaying the debt which the Catholic Church owes to Mother Theresa for spreading Christianity in India. He may rejoice for her unforgettable service in increasing the numbers of Catholics in India. Of course, the Pope is selfish in the sense that he thinks about spreading his own brand of Christian Religion, disregarding the incalculable damage the conversions which take place in the name of SERVICE TO HUMANITY, do to native cultures in various countries, calling them pagan and disparaging them.
While nobody grudges the service to humanity which the missionaries may do by serving poor in underdeveloped countries, one question will always remain !!! "Won't Yehova and Jesus be happy, be pleased, and be obliged to missionaries, without converting people into Christianity?"

To continue. सशेष. ఇంకా ఉంది.

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