Thursday, August 18, 2016

796 Should Indian celebrities visit UK, USA, and the Europe, so too-frequently, get insulted, and then sulk about it?

We, Indians, seem to be excessively bogged down and enamoured with the United States. Every alternate day, our celebrities visit either UK or the United States. The visits may be more frequent, than their visits to their own native village in their Mother State. Both in United Kingdom, and the United States, Indians are looked down upon with disdain and scorn.

With or without invitations, why should we visit U.K., and the U.S., so too-frequently? Are we beggars? Are we street vendors? It is understandable if our engineers, scientists or surgeons visit the Western countries, because they are technologically more advanced, and there are unlimited things to learn from them in those scientific and technological fields. If our cameramen or film technicians visit those countries to learn new techniques, it is understandable. But, what do film stars learn there?

"Familiary breeds contempt." Why should our celebrities visit U.K., U.S.A., and Europe, so often, get disparaged or insulted and then sulk about such damnities?


Our film stars like Ms. Priyanka Chopra and Ms. Deepika Padukone may be getting some green backs today in Hollywood. But, how long that fake-glory will continue? Not that, they do not know the harsh realities. But they seem to want to hang on till they are necked out. Numerous opportunities are available to them in India. Not satisfied?

It is hightime, our celebrities start looking into the mirrors of their consciences and intellects, if at all, they have any.

TAILPIECE धूमकेतू తోకచుక్క

In spite of resistance by citizens, both the UPA2 Government and the NDA2 Government forced on multitude of INdians, the Unique ID card called ADHAR CARD, with Unique ID No., finger prints, iris scans. It is hightime, we think of using the last five digits of the UID Adhar No. as a suffix of Indian Names. Real names may temporarily be hidden, because they give uninvited revelation about a person's caste, religion, language, region most of which can cause embarassments and lead to fissiparous tensions.

To continue. सशेष. ఇంకా ఉంది.

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