Saturday, May 21, 2016

758 CPIM is continuing the same disastrous and undemocratic practices of Congress and BJP ! Lacks internal democracy.

This is in continuation of our blog post No. 757 Click if you wish to study 757. The selection of Mr. Pinnarayi Vijayan as Kerala's Chief Minister, treating the elected Kerala CPIM and LDF MLAs as dumb goats, by the duo of MR. PRAKASH KARAT and MR. SITARAM YECHURY, only shows that CPIM Party lacks INTERNAL DEMOCRACY. Though theoretically, the LDF MLAs may be electing their Legislature Party Leader unanimously, in reality who will defy the decision of the Central Leadership of the Party? Who will come OPENLY forward to contest as Leader of the Legislature Party? Correct democratic process ought to have been, to conduct a secret ballot, after inviting written nominations from the M.L.As. There will be no use of showering praises on a 92 year old leader Achyutanandan, after dumping him into a dustbin. I do not wish to say that Senior Leaders should continue as Chief Ministers till their death. But, they should not be denied an opportunity to contest for Leadership, by Central Leadership throwing their weight behind some X or Y. Central Leadership should function as neutral, and facilitative Management, rather than authoritarian and intruding.


Ans: Central Leadership announcing its preference, will be an insult and to the Legislature Party and interference into their affairs. The Legislature Party is supposed to elect its leader independently. It is how democracy flows from grassroot levels, to upwards. The role of Central Leadership and their observers should have been restricted to ensure that the MLAs do not fight with chairs and knives, and that they exercise their franchise fearlessly and freely.


Ans: Those who are mum and silent now at the Meeting to Elect Legislature Party Leader, will start their dissident operations. There will be bickerings. As per the practice, CM will go to the Central Leadership with the list of proposed Ministers and will have to get their approval. CM will have to convince those who do not get a berth in Cabinet, saying that it is not his list, and that it is the Central Leadership's list. This type of affairs may prevail in, and suit for bourgeoisie parties, but not for PROLETARIAT PARTIES which are supposed NOT TO RUN FROM TOP TO BOTTOM, but FROM BOTTOM TO TOP.

QUESTION: Even a Chief Minister duly elected in secret ballot cannot satisfy dissident MLAs who do not find their names in Cabinet?

ANS: MLAs, themselves, can be given the task of electing their Ministers, along with their portfolios, that too through a secret ballot.

QUESTION: But using secret ballot for everything, weakens a CM !

ANS: Today, Chief Ministers and Prime Ministers are becoming tyrants, because they have the prerogative whom to make ministers, and whom not to make ministers. Consequently, Cabinet Meetings have become mute affairs, where Ministers do not dare to express their dissent. CMs and PMs have started giving marks to Ministers and MLAs.

QUESTION: Secret ballots for everything, may lead to MLAs demanding bribes for their votes.

ANS: It is the weakness of democracy, caused by a shortocoming of grass-root voters who have become CORRUPT and are failing to elect their M.L.As and M.Ps. after testing their honesty and integrity. For some years, till our democracy matures, this lacuna is to be borne with.

Subject to corrections and deletions. A lot more is to be added. To continue. सशेष. ఇంకా ఉంది.


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