Monday, May 2, 2016

744 Film producers, distributors, directors do not spend private money when they shot in Morocco! It is public money they are wasting.

Gautamiputra SAtakarNi, under production, with Shri Balakrishna as Hero, is a Historical film. Time of the happenings of the historical events may be sometime between 2nd Century B.C. to 2nd Century A.D. Gautamiputra SAtakarNi was a SAtavAhana Emperor. For sometime, his Empire is believed to have spread upto Ganga River, Magadha Kingdom, and PATaliputra -the former Capital of Maurya Emperor Ashoka. Satakarni might have expanded his Empire to satisfy his Imperial Greed, by invading several kingdoms in Central India. In the process, he might have initiated and participated in several battles and wars across the length and breadth of India.

What is there for Telugu people to take pride in it? Besides, filming any historical narrative, at least as far as Telugu film distributors, producers, directors and heros are concerned, involves murdering the story to the best of their abilities, to satisfy the egoes and marketing superstitions of all of them.

Another important thing, which not only Telugu people, or Indians, but every human on this Earth should ponder over seriously is the amounts wasted on shootings at distant places. We can understand if a French film, relating to French colonialisation of Gambia or Senegal is shot in Morocco, or an English film relating to slave trade is shot in Cameroon or Sierra Leone or Morocco.

What Gautami putra SAtakarNi has got to do with Morocco, or North West Africa? Why they are spending public moneys to satisfy their own fancies, frills, and idiosyncracies? It is reported in Media that they have already spent Rs. 80 million for making travel and other arrangements to take up the shooting in Morocco! It is also reported that several tons of battle-war related material has been despatched to Morocco! It has also been reported that they are going to hire 800 persons in Morocco to take part in the shooting. It appears that Media has been told that the locals of Morocco have faces and bodies similar to Indians!

There are hundreds of places in India which can serve as battle grounds in film shootings. Besides, shooting in Indian locations will generate some employment to local people.
Question: When the producers, distributors are spending their private money why are you worried?

Ans: Nobody will invest personal monies in risky ventures. Producers and distributors may borrow monies from Banks. And if the Banks refuse to lend directly for film production, loans taken for productive purposes in the name of other Companies will be diverted to film production. It is how, billions of Rupees have been diverted from Banks into risky, speculative, unproductive ventures like Film production, Cricket betting, Real Estate, and what not. To give a live example, when Mr. Vijay Mallya borrowed thousands of crore from NINETEEN BANKS, and went on a spending spree, everybody praised him as a dynamic hero. Was it the private money or the public money did he spend?

Criminal Mafias and Money Launderers have become active partners in rotating funds in the film industry. No wonder, we find that directors are beaten up demanding refund of fees. Harder days we are yet to see. Hence it will be childish to say that producers, directors, distributors invest their private moneys. ONLY gullible FOOLS will believe it. This CRAZE for shooting in foreign locations has exacerbated after 1991, when Government of India started getting foreign exchange reserves by inviting foreign investments, distributing thousands of acres to foreign MNCs @ Rs. 1 per acre, liberalising or neglecting labor laws and making Indian laborers slaves of foreign MNCs. On the one side, India's Companies are going into foreign hands, and on the other hand, foreign exchange hard currencies mobilised with great difficulty are being squandered in lavish expenditure abroad such as film shootings, import of luxury cars etc. Our Kings-of-frog rulers believe that foreign investors will never withdraw their investments! Not correct! Someday, foreign investments will be taken back, and fresh investments may not come.

Subject to corrections and deletions. To continue. सशेष. ఇంకా ఉంది.


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