Sunday, April 10, 2016

714 Should an auto-driver or a Hotel Server pay his four days wages to see a two hour trash? क्या दो घंटे के कचरा देखने के लिये एक आटो ड्रैवर या होटल सर्वर अपने चार दिन कमाई समर्पण करना ? కేవలం రెండుగంటల చెత్తను చూడటానికి ఒక ఆటో డ్రైవర్ లేక హోటల్ సర్వర్ తన నాలుగు రోజుల కూలీని సమర్పించుకోవాలా ?

Mr. Pavan Kalyan, a Telugu film Hero of mass following, has political ambitions, may be initially at Residual Andhra Pradesh level, and later probably at All India level. According to Media, the Telugu film which released on 8th April 2016 globally, over about 2000 screens, is aimed at publicising him as a promising Savior of the People. Today, notionally, Telugu land is not confined to the precincts of the two States of Residual Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, but it extends from ANZ (Australia and New Zealand) in the East to U.S.A. and Canada, in the West. This is, not only owing to the presence of Telugu language speaking diaspora everywhere in the world, but also because they seem to suffer from ecstacies of false glories around their language and culture, apart from their internal inherent CASTE squirmishes revolving around Reddy-kamma-kapu-etc.-etc. castes which are inherited by birth in Hinduism.

It is, therefore, no wonder, the Telugu people, and the Hindivalahs who purchased tickets for the Bollywood dubbed version, are reported to have raked in Rs. 27.5 crore (Rs. 275 million- about $ 4 million) on the very first day of the release of the film. The film is said to have broken the collection records of the recent Telugu hits like bAhu bali, and SrImantuDu.

Officially, the first-day-average-ticket, was said to have been sold at $25 (approx. Rs. 1,800/-). At American or European standards, the ticket may be dead cheap peanuts or popcorn. But, by Indian standards, for a show of less than 2 hrs. (fake? or false?) entertainment, $25 is a princely sum. To understand the robbery which is taking place, we should compare the Rs. 1,800/- to average daily earnings of an auto-driver, who may get around Rs. 500/- for his day's toil consisting of nearly 12 hours. He has to sweat out 3.5 days to pool the Rs. 1,800/- needed to buy the ticket. Tickets for the Premier Show were said to have been sold at Rs. 10,000 (approx. $ 180 approx.).

Whenever, big films are released, I usually touch one or two working class persons such as hotel servers, autowallahas etc. to ascertain their views about the film. Two tea stall workers whom I interviewed said that they could not view the film on the first day, as they could not mobilise the Rs. 1,800 bucks. But, they have promised to see the film Sardar Gabbar Singh in a few days, and tell me their impressions.

There is nothing in the story plot or theme of Sardar Gabbar Singh, which is new, or refreshing. Heroine a baroness. Villain a businessman robbing the place. At the request of Heroine, Govt. posted Hero at the place, to develop it. In the process, Hero starts loving the Heroine. Of course, at the end, he will teach a fitting lesson to the villain. For all this, why should a hotel server or an auto driver shell down his four days wages?

If it is just four days wages, probably okay. When the occasion arises, the same people will have to vote for Pavan Kalyan and his Jana Sena Party, to make him some Home Minister or Chief Minister or someday even the Prime Minister of India. Yet, there is no guarantee that Mr. Pavan Kalyan will not ditch the people who voted for him, by merging his Party into BJP or Congress or something else. Proven History: His elder brother inflated-mega-star Mr. Chiranjeevi started a party by Name Praja Rajyam, and merged it in no time into Congress, when he was made a Union Minister of State for Tourism, by Ms. Sonia Gandhi. All this, because both the brothers belong to a numerically dominant caste.

Yesterday morning, I saw in a local hotel, two youths fighting with one another, for not being able to get sufficient number of tickets for the film , to sell in black market. Their grouse was that the theatre owner/management sold away the entire stock of the tickets, without leaving anything to the grass-root black-marketeers.

During my childhood (1954 Jan 6, to 1959 April 20) the period of my getting dumped in my p_grand-father's village, there used to come a class of folk artists called "pagaTi-vEsha gALLu" (a sort of wearers of fancy dress, for collecting alms/rewards from villagers between Southern solstice (Dec.) and the Summer Eqinox (March), the harvest season, when villagers have something to give, in their homes. Police Officer or Sub-Inspector of Police is one of such favorite and popular Fancy dresses.. They used to come even with a gun, though there were no bullets or horses. Their dialogues used to linger/vibrate in our ears even after their leaving. One such dialogue: "Pl. do not think that we have come to beg. We have come in search of food for our elephants."

To continue. सशेष. ఇంకా ఉంది.

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