Friday, April 8, 2016

712 Congress and Mr. Arvind Kejriwal should stop this blaming game! It does not really help them, or India.

Congress Party through its Official Spokesperson Mr. Abhishekh Singhwi, and A.A.P. through its leader Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, threw some mud on BJP and Mr. Narendra Modi, for allowing an Investigation Team from Pakisthan to visit India and Pathankot, which unfortunately turned out to be a damp squib. Suppose, if Congress or A.A.P. is in power, and BJP is in opposition at Centre, will Mr. Narendra Modi have thrown more mud or less mud on the Govt. ? Considering his performance, he will throw more mud on the Congress for the fiasco. This is not a hypothetical question. It is more a question on the behavioral trends of bourgeoisie political parties all over the world. Neither Congress or BJP cannot be exceptions to the Universal Trends.

Clarification from ybrao-a-donkey: I am not a supporter of Congress or BJP or A.A.P. Though, I am trying for an intellectual paradigm shift of Indians in general towards a leftist sland, I do not spare even left parties like CPM and CPI, which have their leftist mask on their boureoisie interior.

Question: Is the mutual mud-slinging among A.A.P., Congress and BJP on the Pathankot fox pos really relevant from the point of view of Marxism or Communism or Socialism?

Ans: What I am worried about in 2016 India, is the future of Proletariat (Working Class in general, and unorganised Working Class in particular), in this Nation (or country?) of 1.3 billion ants or bees.

Terrorism is a common problem both for India and Pakisthan. The problem of Pakistan seems to be while the elected Government either on its own volition or under pressure from its principal benefactor United States, occasionally offers its helping hand to India for overcoming Cross-border terrorism, the Pakisthan Army, Police, investigative arm ISI, seem to support cross-border terrorism in India.

Suppose if the Pakistan Government functionaries instruct the Pakisthani Army, Police, ISI to co-operate with India in its fight against terrorism, they say "yes" to the Government superficially, and sabotage the investigations from behind. Hence, there is no wonder if the Pakistani Investigation Team which visited India went back and said that India did not help, and blamed India.

As a matter of fact, there is a lot of investigation to be done in Pakisthani territory. As a Sovereign State, Pakistan ought to have done it, prosecuted the culprits who attacked Pathankot Airbase, and got them convicted in their courts of Law. But, that is an ideal situation which seldom happens.

Apart from the unwillingness of the Pak Bureaucracy, Police, ISI, Army to co-operate, there are two more hitches. 1. Corruption and inefficiency. 2. Variance between laws, investigation procedures prevalent in Pakistan and in India.

It will not be polite or prudent for India to say that Pakistani Investigative Agencies are inefficient. For that matter, in some respects, even Indian Investigative Agencies are inefficient.

Still, if Mr. Nawaz Sheriff wants continue extending his helping hand, he can permit Indian Investigating Agencies to continue their investigating work in Pakistani Territory, subject to some conditions. Of course, Pakistani Investigating Agencies will object to it. They will not co-operate.

Right now, there is no use of Indian Political Parties and their leaders indulging in a blaming game. Even if they are not willing to provide constructive co-operation and suggestions, they can maintain silence. They can leave Mr. Narendra Modi and his Cabinet to tackle the problem to the best of their ability upto 2019. They (Opposition) may get their turn in 2019. Till then, they have to wait. There is no alternative.

In cricket for example, a batsman who is duck-out in his first innings, will be too eager to score a Century in the second innings. If he-she ducks in both the innings, then the player have to wait for another match/Test. If in most matches/tests they fail, then they have to wait for the next Series. Some unfortunate players may get only one or two opportunities. Some others like Mr. Sachin Tendulkar may get numerous opportunities in spite of repeated failures. If an ordinary sport like Cricket has so many vicissitudes , how many wageries the gambles of politics should have?

Bureaucrats and Politicians governing India can ask the Indian Intelligence and Investigating Agencies, Army, Paramilitary Officials (NIA, CBI, BSF, etc.) to workout some reasonable solutions.

In the mean time, India will have to erect a second inner fence on the Indo Pak Border, to double filter insurgents. There is also a need to deploy more drones, Lakshya aircraft, reconnoissance radars, surveillance systems.

To continue. सशेष. ఇంకా ఉంది.

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