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696 (Part 4 of Kanhaiya) Is there a need to have a surveillance on every University and every student? (Perils of inalertness). क्या (राज्य / राष्ट्र को) यह साध्य है कि, वह अपने कई शत कर्तव्यों को निभाते समय, विश्व विद्यालयों के छात्रों पर रहस्य निगरनी रखना ? क्या यह आचरणीय साध्य है ?

A good friend of mine has sent an email on our blogpost No. 694. Link: Click here if you wish to go to 694 . The observation of the friend is quoted below, and replied, for the benefit of our Readers:-

Blogpost 694 said: "...It is the duty of the State to keep a secret watch on every activity going on Universities, on every person studying and working in Universities, and counsel the students in a paternalist benevolent manner, using persuasion. ..."

Friend's observation: "... తమకున్న బోలెడు బాధ్యతలను నిర్వర్తిస్తూ, విశ్వవిద్యాలయాల్లోని ప్రతి విద్యార్థి పైన, వారి కార్యకలాపాలపైన రహస్య నిఘా పెట్టడం ఆచరణ సాధ్యమా? అసాధ్యం కాదా? ..."

Approx. English gist: "...Is it practicable (for the State) to maintain a secret watch on each and every student in our Universities, while discharging (its-i.e. the State's) numerous other duties? ..."

Approx. Hindi gist: "...क्या (राज्य / राष्ट्र को) यह साध्य है कि, वह अपने कई शत कर्तव्यों को निभाते समय, विश्व विद्यालयों के छात्रों पर रहस्य निगरनी रखना ? क्या यह आचरणीय साध्य है ? ..."

REPLY जवाब జవాబు

Real and serious question which occurs to me is: Is there need for any such type of secret watch? Since, any such question has not been asked in our email, I am not answering in detail and in depth. After writing about the need for secret watch on students in Post No. 694, I felt guilty and added some 20% additional sleeplessness to my existing sleepless nights. Even now, I have second thoughts. I may remove this suggestion in 694, after thorough re-examination.

ABOUT PRACTICTABILITY OF SURVEILLANCE निगरनी के साध्य असाध्यों के बारे में నిఘా యొక్క సాధ్యా సాధ్యాలను గురించి

Theoretically, legally, all humans of all the three three sexes, above the age of 18 years (or say 21 years) are capable of making their own independent judgements based on merits, and analyses. Unfortunately, it is not happening, at least in some places of India, at certain times. Even Prime Ministers and Presidents (includes the American and Russian Brands also), High Court and Supreme Court Justices seem to be suffering from this shortcoming, howsoever minor and ridiculous, it may appear to be. Well, I am, too small a fry and a hoi polloi to comment about them. I may not even be competent to comment about our Ph.D students.

One major problem with practicability of surveillance in India is: the huge population of India, and disproportionately small human power. Everywhere, there are crowds, unlike countries like Russia, Sweden, Canada. Whether we like it or not, we have to stop our population growth, by all means, methods, procedures and strategies.

The degree of intensity of surveillance will be inversely proportionate to the maturity of the target group. Here, maturity does not mean formal Educational Qualification. It refers to their mental maturity, reasoning power, awareness about legal positions i.e. Rule of the Law of this country, knowledge of dangers faced by this country both in the areas of internal security and external security, etc. The list is too long. Some of them, we can discuss in forthcoming blogs, if I live.

Till such time we get adequate human power per thousand of population, we have to depend on technological tools such as CC Cameras, transparent "bugs", official video-filming of meetings, ensuring that telecom Companies maintain all call-conversations in untampered condition, observing the spending habits, observing the funds which are being received by students (For example, checking of vehicles for arms, Indian and foreign currency etc.).

Soon after the Government of Mr. Narendra Modi came into power, there were reports (may be fabricated) that the Chambers of our Cabinet Ministers were bugged, and their activities were being watched. Bugging and tapping might have taken place even during Congress Regimes. The real problem is not with the bugging. Collection of Information, even personal information, private information is UNAVOIDABLE. The problem is with the misuse of information collected with bugs and through tapping. There are dangers of blackmailing by Police employees themselves. Unfortunately, in this country, though of course, on a smaller scale, when compared to other countries, even defence secrets have been sold by some unscrupulous employees in connivance with alien Agents and Spies. Thus, there is a need for surveillance on everybody, and also there is a grave risk of misuse of surveillance apparatus(es). This is in spite of availability of Safe-guards.

Though as a matter of principle, every part of India and every person of India needs to be carefully watched over, priorities may vary. Nothing can be left out, if we see how Pakisthan Terror bosses sent their terrorists into Mumbai on boats, disguised as fishermen, for carrying out their blasts in Taj Hotel. Dangers can come even from most unexpected places, at most unexpected times.

The problem with our Rulers in their using Intelligence Bureaus, Informers, Spies, mufty constables is-- Rulers want specific information about matters of their own personal concern. And not in the matters which concern the country. For this reason only, our Intelligence Bureaus, Informers, Spies, mufty constables are not able to concentrate in collecting information which India requires. They collect the information about "what the boss wants" and ignore "what the country needs".

Those who want to have specific example of this type of Spy-behavior, they can see Valmiki Ramayana, Uttara Kanda, Sarga 46, Verse No. 3. What Lord Shri Ramachandra wanted to know from his Intelligence Bureau Informer Bhadra. No disrespect intended towards our sacred scripture Valmiki Ramayana.

This (mis?)use of Intelligence Agencies and their Resources, will often give rise to the question of "Practicability" or "Impracticability" of Surveillance and Inforamtion Gathering.

This is a subject, which needs a thousand pages to discuss. Besides, the subject is so delicate that it may irritate the Powers that be. We can only wish, howsoever feeble it may end-up in its final result, that our Intelligence Gathering Apparatuses, Agencies, Resources, Equipments (such as jammers, phone-tappers etc.) are to put to their legitimate use. For that, our Rulers have to change their philosophies and thinking. They are too much self-centred.

Our Information Systems, Entrances to Computer Hardware Rooms, our Computer Systems, their Passwords, other Strong Rooms, Bank Safes, ATMs, everything appear to be safe, and fool-proof on their face. Yet, deviations do take place, and some loss or other takes place, either because the stipulated systems and procedures are not followed or the systems themselves have loopholes for exploiters to exploit.

The danger to this country can come even from a remote University or Madarsa or Monastery or from any other most unexpected location or situation or organisation. While China and Pakisthan are known dangers, we cannot ignore or under-rate our own internal enemies.

Subject to substantial Revision, additions and deletions. To continue and revise this, with more proof.. सशेष. సశేషం.


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