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688 Part 2 of Vijay Mallya's Disappearance, भाग २ विजय माल्या के अंतर्धान, భాగం ౨, విజయ్ మాల్యా అంతర్ధానం

On 26th Feb. 2016, in our post No. 675 Link: Click to go to Post No. 675 at this blog , we have discussed the likely impact on the country if Mr. Vijay Mallya leaves India and settles down in London, as planned by him and- we also observed that we have to live and wait another 40 years (till Mr. Mallya reaches an age of 100 years) to see the progress of 1. Recovery of Indian Banks' Loans 2. His conviction for economic offenses, till all the suits and cases against him and his Companies reach their logical conclusion. Today, the Attorney General of India is reported to have told the Supreme Court that Mr. Mallya has already left India to London, one week back. It means he left India somewhere around 3rd March 2016, surreptitiously.

Our Finance Ministry, Our HOme Ministry, Our Ministry of External Affairs, may quote so many Statutes, Notifications, Rules, Regulations, Guidelines, Restrictions, for not impounding the passport of Mr. Mallya before he left the country for "Good", and for not alerting the Airports and Airlines, at least in the last moment.

All our Governments both the Union Government, and the State Governments, their bureaucrats have some sort of "Nelson's Eye" to open when they want to see, and to close when they do not want to see. When Ms. Jashoda Ben applied for her Passport, they could trace out some Rule which required her to submit a Declaration from her Spouse ! How swiftly they could reject her application and stick to their outdated rules ! When it comes to Mr. Vijay Mallya, why they could not wake up early, and safeguard the interest of this country. Probably because, they are Grade I Patriots and Nationalists.

Mr. Vijay Mallya may also be a distinguished Grade I Patriot and Nationalist.

We can also recollect how our own Indian Officials helped Warren Anderson, the American Chairman of Union Carbide, which was involved in a grave poisonous gas leak tragedy killing and dis-abilitating thousands of innocent people at Bhopal (popularly called Bhopal Gas Disaster), to leave India coolly and comfortably. This, as per reports, was done on the oral orders of Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, Prime Minister at that time, P.V. Narasimha Rao, Home Minister at that time, Arjun Singh, Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh at that time.

Like Lalith Modi of the IPL Fame, to Mr. Vijay Mallya also, UK may give a firm shelter, confer on him UK Passport, Knighthood at appropriate times. It may not co-operate with India, to extradite him for facing Courts. Our Union Cabinet Ministers may get telephonic hotline pressures from Mr. David Cameron or Barack Obama, and others, not to press for his extradition.

We do not know how many billions / millions Mr. Mallya has stashed with British Banks and, British Tax Havens such as Caveman Islands, Virgin Islands.

Even if British Government is willing co-operate, Mr. Mallya can get an advance scent of his possible extradition, and he may hop on to some other obliging country, which will not only accept him, but also confer on him Citizenship.

Some MP may raise the issue tomorrow in Lok Sabha / Rajya Sabha, and it may lead to some BLAME ONE ANOTHER SESSIONS.

There is a website called Here is the link to it, for those who wish to have a look at it: Click to go to At the website, you can find some of Dr. Mallya's Tweets, Re-tweets.

There is also a poll at, about BJP's performance.


Has the BJP government lived up to your expectations in its first year?
Succeeded (71) 66.00%
Failed (29) 27.00%
Somewhat succeeded (8) 7.00%

According to, he is an independent M.P. elected first time in 2002, and second time in 2010. More details about him, from the same website:

During his first term in Parliament, Dr Mallya served on the Parliamentary committees on Civil Aviation, Defence and Industry.

As an MP, he travelled extensively through all the districts of Karnataka in his political capacity, meeting the District Commissioners and senior leaders to understand the special nature of the people's problems. His Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS) funds were used extensively across the state to build roads, schools, community centres and public infrastructure. See full break up of MP FUNDS here.

He is noted for his successful bidding in auction of items that are considered of great cultural value to India. In the year 2004, he placed the winning bid for the famous sword of Tipu Sultan and brought it back to India. Therefater, he also purchased several other effects belonging to Tipu Sultan including a cannon, weapons and personal items. In 2009, he bid for the belongings of Mahatma Gandhi.

He has also established the Mallya Hospital in Bangalore and has funded the MallyaAditi International School, a private school in Bangalore.

Educational Qualification: Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration (Honoris Causa), Southern California University, Irvine, USA B.Com. (Hons.) from St. Xaviers College, Calcutta, Schooling La Martinere, Calcutta.

Now, our only hope can be on Supreme Court. If Supreme Court can act as swiftly, as firmly, as intelligently, as it has acted in case of Sahara India's Subrata Roy, we can hope that some of the properties can be auctioned, and the dues of the suffering Indian Banks, may be at least partly satisfied. In the meantime, the CEOs of the 17 Banks which financed the Companies of Mr. Vijay Mallya have to spend some sleepless nights.

We shall try to predict, what Mr. Mallya is going to do in the near future !

Some Great Supreme Court Senior Advocate like Mr. Ramjeth Malani or Mr. Venugopal or some Subrahmanyam may come up representing Mr. Mallya, praying for exemption from his personal appearance in court.

Mr. Mallya may claim that he suffers from High B.P., Sugar (diabetes), kidney problems, heart ailments, arthritic pains. He may not claim erectile dysfunction.

Mr. Mallya may seek Anticipatory Bail, and an assurance from GOI, and State Governments, that he will not be arrested after disembarking from his own/Chartered Aircraft.

Subject to substantial Revision, additions and deletions. To continue and revise this, with more proof.. सशेष. సశేషం.

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