Sunday, February 14, 2016

666 Misplaced Priorities of Left Parties and Left Student Unions

The essence of 21st Century India is "Misplaced Priorities". This applies both to Higher Education Arena, and to the Political Arena. In political arena, the Misplaced Priorities apply both to BJP and the Congress + Left. Everybody knows about the priorities of BJP, and much has already been written, and being written by the trumpeteers of the Govt. Hence, there is no need to write about them. Mr. Rahul Gandhi's Priority also we know clearly, that he has to resurrect himself from his own self-made abyss, as well as the abyss made by the Manmohan Singh, Chidambaram & Company. In this process, no wonder, he presents himself at places, even to support attackers of Parliament or perpetrators of Terrorism, as denouncing them will cost him his votes.

As far as the Government of India is concerned, by directly applying "Sedition" Sections on the Student Leaders, the Govt. seems to be over-re-acting. To start with, less serious Sections of IPC ought to have been applied. When admissible additional evidence is available to implicate the actual students who have given anti-National Slogans, such Sections ought to have been applied on those students.


Kanhayakumar, the Student leader who organised the Meeting seems to have failed in foreseeing that some LET-Hafiz Saeed followers would be joining in the crowd. Govt. cannot presume that Kanhayakumar had invited the LET militants into the crowd, to give anti-National Slogans. That does not seem to be their intent. Their intellects seem to have been misled by false-interpretations and arguments in Media, about the punishments given to Afzal Guru and Yakoub Momen. After one or two days of the event, the University Management and the Police, with the help of Eminent Lawyers, High Court and Supreme Court Judges, Govt. Secretaries, ought to have jointly counselled the Students about how Rule of Law and the Judicial System work in our country, and cleared the misgivings of the students through persuasion. Even Left Leaders, BJP Leaders could have done that.


We have a plethora of Police and other Intelligence Bureaus in Delhi to conduct surveillance, reconnaissance on anti-National Elements operating in Delhi. The Police and the Intelligence Bureaus ought to have guided the student leaders like Kanhaya Kumar, about the risks involved in mobilising large cRoWds in open places, without proper identification cards, their verification, and providing proper counselling to the participants.

Has any Police Official / Intelligence Bureau Officer / University Security Officer met Kanhaya Kumar and his associate students, and counselled them about the militants of LET Hafiz Sayeed jumping the fences, joining the crowds and giving Anti India Slogans? Did they tell the Students about the need to conduct meetings in Closed Spaces such as University Halls where admissions can be controlled , instead of in Open Gardens.

The Government seems to be keen on giving an impression to Public that, the Govt. is more interested in pinning the students down, rather than correcting their deviating behaviors.

Foreseeing and preventing is always better than overacting after some incident takes place.

What makes me wonder, as a supporter of Democratic Leftist Movement in India, is the Misplaced Priorities of the Left Parties, and the Leftist Student Unions.

The First Priority of any Student at Degree, PG and Ph.D. level should be to study the Course he is studying. The Sciences of Knowledge Today, have reached such magnitude and dimensions, that 24 hours will not be sufficient to understand them. As I have already pointed out in my post No. 665, they have to engage themselves in this studies, while earning their livelihood. They should not expect the Nation to toil for them and feed them any number of years, in the name of Scholarships and stipends.

STUDIES is the reason de etaire of their existence at the University. If they leave that, which ought to be their topmost goal at that particular point of time, they will be crippled in the rest of their lives in the particular branch of their Expertise, notwithstanding their getting a Degree from the University. They become unemployable. Even if they get employment, they tend to under-perform owing to inadequate dexterity and skills.

Economically less stable persons, in their struggles for their daily livelihood, lose the focus of their socio-economic objectives. They will lose their ability to serve the Nation with a greater intensity and capability.

The problem with most of us Indians, is when we are economically unstable and depend on somebody else for our subsistence, we think of our socio-economic objectives, and get flustered and anguished. Once we become financially sound, we think of wine, women, gold, status, and prestige. This is another SAGA OF MISPLACED PRIORITIES OF INDIAN NATIONALS. (About other Nationals, I am not competent to comment).

There is no need to any individual whether student or not, to sacrifice his ideals. Accuracy and Timing is more important than Emotion and Haste.

Then comes the Priority No. 2. Understanding the Systems of India: the Political System, Economic System, Social System, Judicial System, Administrative System, Constitution of the country, and above all the top priority area: "Plight of Poor Masses in India".

I do not think that our Leftist Student Unions and our Leftist Parties are either aware of, or really bothered about this. Else, how can they give top priority to the Resurrection of Afzal Guru and Yakoub Momen, whom every court in the country from top to bottom have examined in depth, Lawyers have argued the cases, sufficient number of years have been spent about the reasonableness of the proportionality of the punishment to the Offence Committed. Courts, Governments, President of INdia have also considered the various pros and cons, and the National Priorities, Security, Integrity, prevailing Climate of Global Terrorism. Why the Student Unions are showing Misplaced Sympathies to the Convicted Terrorists, and not bothering about the brave Guards and Soldiers who laid down their lives in safeguarding this Nation.

If our Leftist Parties, and Leftist Students Unions are really worried about the Welfare of Masses of this country, they should have highlighted the problems of 1. Child Labor 2. Bonded Labor 3. Inhuman conditions in which bulk of the population is living and working 4. Starvation, Disease, Suicides. 5. Neglect of parents by children 6. Neglect of children by parents 7. Neglect of spouses by one another 8. Exploitation everywhere. 9. Mafia rule everywhere 10. Rampant Alcoholism.


We cannot take shelter behind the excuse that problems cannot be solved in a day, or in a year or in five years. If we care to bother to any village /town in any State in INdia irrespective of whether it is ruled by BJP, Congress or the Regional Parties, what we find are the above problems.

The above problems, leaving aside Left Unions and Parties, even BJP Wings like ABVP, VHP, RSS cannot neglect. If they neglect, they will be handing over the matter to the Alien Organisations which in the name of Justice, do some service and simultaneously convert the Religions of People. We can't blame the Alien Missionaries, for that because Conversions are their top priority, and Service is only a Facade. We should blame ourselves for our failures, and guard against their recurrence.

Unless, I give a real life example, the intensity and seriousness of this problem cannot be understood. This Real Life Example is not an isolated instance. They are ubiquitous, if we care to see.

Though this example is from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States, they exist everywhere in India.

Parboiled Rice Mills in Chittoor Dt. of Andhra Pradesh, or Brick Kilns in Ranga Reddy District of Telangana State, or Brick Kilns in East Godavari District which some people consider as extremely prosperous by Indian Standards. Owners give some small money as advance to laborers and their families (caste, religion, region, language, in my view are really immaterial). The laborers have to stay in the thatched huts /sheds provided by the Owners. Lorries bring and take inputs and outputs day and night. The Laborers, including their children, have to work day and night. Even if they are sick they have to work. While working at nights, if anybody feels drowsy and bends his-her head, the Owners abuse with unspeakable words, and beat. Owners hit on the private parts of the female adolescent girls, and attempt to rape them. The working Children will be wondering how, even before their birth, their parents were working there as slaves. Politicians, Residents, Sarpanches, everybody in the surroundings know these things are happening, but they do not complain, because they will get problems. Revenue and Police Authorities know that these things are happening in a few meters distance from their Offices. Yet, they do not intervene, because they have tremendous patience and tolerance, to wait for receipt of complaints.

Now, this is the Ripe Environment for the Converters (Proselytizers) धर्मांतरण करनेवाले, మతాంతరణలు చేయువారు, to enter the scene, work as "Saviors" and convert people.

Some Octopus International NGO which has its tentacles all over the world, with Global Fund Mobilisation Drives will get full details through the Agents in the Villages, where they run Prayer Houses. The NGO's City Office will send some Mangers to the RDO, MRO, Police of the Area, with written complaints, take them to the actual workspots, where the Exploitation takes place. The RDO, MRO, Police will then have no alternative to liberate the Laborers, book some cases against the Owners. The Laborers are told to go anywhere they like and work freely. So far ok. But, when these sort of things have been taking place for decades, why the Govt. Officials, Political Parties, Student Unions, everybody pretend that nothing was happening around them, and how do they act so swiftly when some International NGO from Chennai / Mumbai / Kolkata / Delhi prods them? Why do Indians sleep for decades? Why do they, by their complacence and negligence make the Oppressed Masses to believe that Native Religion and Native Gods cannot save them, and Alien Gods can alone save them?

Why Left Parties in Andhra Pradesh are more concerned about Special Status to Residual Andhra Pradesh? Why doesn't Mr. Sitaram Yechury come down from Delhi to his Native City Kakinada, and see what is happening in his own Native District of East Godavari?

It is high time that Mr. Narendra Modi, Mr. Rahul Gandhi, Ms. Sonia Gandhi, Mr. Manmohan Singh, Mr. Arun Jaitley, et al visit some brick kilns, some Rice Mills, some Fish Ponds, some Firework Factories, some eateries, what not, to know ground realities. They can blame, criticise, damn one another, some other time. Country cannot wait. Some All-Party combined, co-ordinated effort is necessary.

LINK TO FACEBOOK PAGE OF SHRI SITARAM YECHURY which does not bother about Bonded Laborers or Child Laborers

Click to go to Facebook Page of Shri Sitaram Yechury

Subject to substantial Revision, additions and deletions. To continue and revise this, with more proof.. सशेष. సశేషం.


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