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636 PART 1 OF TALE OF TWO CITIES भाग १- दो शहरों के दीन गाधा सप्त शति, భాగం 1 రెండు నగరాల బాధా గాధా సప్తశతి

Guntur City is reeling under water shortage today. गुंटूर शहर, पीने की पानी की कमी तीव्र रीती में बाधित हो रहा है। గుంటూరు నగరం తీవ్ర తాగునీటి కొరతతో బాధ పడుతున్నది. Though situated on the banks of the River Krishna, Vijayawada City (ONLY FOOLS will think that there is no water shortage in Vijayawada విజయవాడ నగరంలో నీటి కొరత లేదని కేవలం మూర్ఖులు మాత్రమే అనుకుంటారు.) too suffers from drinking water shortages in its outskirts. In many Apartment Complexes borewells have dried down, and the residents are experiencing shortage of water even for bathing and toilets. The influx of migrants from all the seventeen Districts of Residual Andhra Pradesh, (earlier the migrants used to flock to Hyderabad City) are now flooding Vijayawada and Guntur Cities.

Migrants from North Andhra Pradesh from Srikakulam to Krishna Districts try to settle down in Vijayawada. Migrants from Royala Seema and South Circar Districts try to settle down in Guntur City. Mangalagiri will become another migration point in near future. The cumulative effect of all these settlements is going to be drinking water shortage, and drying up of borewells for toilet waters. Govt. and Municipal Corporations can always taken an excuse, pointing out at this year's low rainfall, drought conditions, and drying up of Srisailam and Nagarjuna Sagar Reservoirs. That excuse is only partly true.

Predicting that water levels of Prakasam Barrage will fall so drastically, that drinking water will not flow with gravitation into Guntur Channel is not difficult. Arranging for pumping of water from Krishna River using Electric Motors should have been planned in advance, apart from getting additional drinking water released from Nagarjuna Sagar. Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu now camps on the Southern Bank of the Krishna River. Yet he did not bother to caution the officials and guide them to fix the motors well in advance. He cannot bother because he is too busy with Japan, China, Singapore, Chambers of Commerce, Bauxite Mining, and what not.

In reality, KRISHNA RIVER can be compared to Colarado River in United States, in the sense that every drop of water in these rivers are used up so fully that there will only be mud and swamps left out. Consequently, as a tail-end Region Krishna-Guntur Area is going to suffer from great thirst. One additional factor which has assumed serious dimension is, now Krishna Guntur Region is going to be dependent on the mercy of KCR & Co. even for drinking water. Krishna River Water Distribution Authority can only pass orders. But the execution is to be done by the Engineers of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. If the Engineers of Telangana do not co-operate, the Engineers from Andhra side cannot fight quarrel everyday.

The problem gets exacerbated because both KCR and CBN are cunning, secretive and vindictive persons. They howl at one another on one day and embrace one another on some other day. Now that, there is a bon homie between K Chandra Sekhara Rao and CB Naidu, Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu may not seriously press KCR for release of drinking water to downstream villages and towns.

Predicting all these problems last year itself even before Capital of Andhra Pradesh was decided, I suggested in my numerous blog posts that, the new Capital of Residual Andhra Pradesh should be located at Nagarjuna Sagar South Bank, popularly called South Vijayapuri and its upstream Launch Boarding point to Nandi konda. If A.P. Capital is built on this barren land (free, forest waste land with thorny bushes and snake pits, with not much agriculture taking place), A.P. Capital could have drawn its drinking water from Nagarjuna Sagar Reservoir. Central Government would have easily permitted some 30 tmcs water to be drawn from Nagarjuna Sagar Reservoir upstream without depending on the Irrigation Canals or Power Generation Channels.

Today, for the existing population itself, Krishna River water is not adequate even for drinking needs of the two Cities. The Great Claimer of being a Great Builder Chandra Babu has projected that A.P. Capital City will have a population of 15 million (1.5 crore). If he is unable to supply drinking water for a population of about 1.5 million in Vijayavada and 1 million in Guntur, how is he going to arrange for drinking water for 15 million ? Of course he may not continue after 2019 ! Yet, whoever will be at helm of AP Capital, be it Lokesh or Jagan or Pawan Kalyan or Congress or Kiran Kumar's Party, are going to face a Herculean Problem. Wisdom lies in forecasting the forebodings, and initiate corrective action, meeting the risks half-way in advance. It is the dIrghadarSi method of living suggested in Indian Epic Mahabharata.

Even now, it is not too late. Better to shift the Capital of Andhra Pradesh to Upstream of South Vijayapuri and install pumps for drawing drinking water from Nagarjuna SAgar Reservoir for the requirements of AP's Capital. As there is no shortage of waste land in that area southwards upto Donakonda, Eastwards upto Macharla, Govt. can get rid of all the Headaches of Land Pooling for Capital. Straightaway, the Govt. can return all the LPS lands to the respective farmers and just apologise to them, for whatever has happened.

If Mr. Nara Chandra Babu Naidu is secretly indebted to Chinese / Japanese / Singaporean / South Korean / ... Corporates, he can still ask them to compete for building a Capital at Nagarjuna Sagar. Of course, all of them will shy away, because they want to induct the Citizens of Vijayawada - Guntur - Tenali into Gambling Dens and Licensed Prostitution Houses they are going to build, with liberal freehold and lease lands from Govt. of Andhra Pradesh. If they want to go back, they can be allowed to go back. We can then build our own Capital with indigenous resources.

From what Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu tells everyday and what he does regularly, we have to infer that he is hell-bent on and hopeful of getting some dirty money from Singapore. It seems he want to build another Makav in India. It will be better, if people try to gauge his goals.

To continue. सशेष. సశేషం.

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