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566 Shifting CApital from Amaravati will be better than blunt land acquisition or abandoning land acquition

The goals/aims of Mr. Pawan Kalyan in requesting TDP Government not to use Land Acquisition Act against reluctant farmers , are not known. Actually, he should have objected to the Land Pooling Scheme, and the methods used in obtaining the consent(s) of the farmers for LPS, with a lurking threat of use of Land Acquisition if they do not yield to LPS. He should also have opposed to the manner in which LPS farmers were tempted by making them to believe that their 1000 yards will become gold. Mr. Pawan Kalyan may be knowing that the whole World Class Rajadhani Construction is a sell-out to Singapore and Japan.
"...I request TDP government not to use ‘Land acquisition act’ to procure the remaining land for AP capital and wish it will amicably settle the issue. ..."

'... నేను టీడీపీ ప్రభుత్వాన్ని, ఆంధ్ర ప్రదేశ్ రాజధానికి మిగిలిన భూమిని సేకరించటం కొరకు, భూసేకరణ చట్టాన్ని వాడద్దని విజ్ఞప్తి చేస్తున్నాను. సమస్యను సామరస్యపూర్వకంగా పరిష్కరించుకోవాలని కోరుతున్నాను....'

" तॆलुगु देशं सर्कार से मेरा प्रार्धना यह है कि, आंध्र प्रदेश के राजधानी के लिये शेष आवश्यक भूमी को सेकरण करने के लिये, वें भू सेकरण अधिनियम को लागू नहीं की जाय। और समस्या को सामरस्य पूर्वक ढंग में परिष्कार करने को मैं चाहता हूँ। ..."

Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu is reported to have told Reporters on 12th Aug. 2015, Wednesday, as under:-
"...We will go ahead with the Land Acquisition Act. It should not be a problem as very few farmers have to give their consent. Hardly 10 per cent of the farmers have not given consent and will go ahead with the Land Acquisition Act of 2013. ..." " हम भू सेकरण अधिनियम से आगे जायेंगे। यह एक समस्या नहीं बनेगा, क्यों कि, बहुत कम किसानों अपने सहमत देने का है। दस प्रतिशत किसान से कम, अपने सहमत नहीं दिया। और (हम) भू सेकरण अधिनियम २०१३ से आगे जायेंगे। ..." " మేము భూసేకరణ చట్టంతో ముందుకు వెళ్తాము. ఇది ఎందుకు సమస్య అవదంటే, ఇంకా చాలా కొద్దిమంది రైతులే తమ అనుమతిని ఇవ్వ వలసి ఉన్నది. కేవలం పది శాతం కన్నా తక్కువ మంది రైతులు తమ సమ్మతిని ఇవ్వలేదు. మేము భూసేకరణ చట్టం 2013ను అమలు తో ముందుకు వెళ్తాము...."

ybrao-a-donkey's humble views. You need not agree with me. You have every right to express your views and criticise me. Welcome. वैबीराव गधे के विनम्र राय। आप मुझ से सहमत होने के निर्बंध नहीं है। आप को अपने अभिप्रायों को व्यक्त करने के और मुझे खुरदा पकडने के सभी हक हैं। स्वागत. వైబీరావు గాడిద వినమ్ర వ్యాఖ్య. మీరు నాతో ఏకీభవించవలసిన నిర్బంధం లేదు. మీ అభిప్రాయాలను వ్యక్తం చేసే స్వేఛ్ఛ, నన్ను విమర్శించే అన్ని హక్కులు మీకున్నాయి. స్వాగతం.

1. Both Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu and Mr. Pawan Kalyan do not appear to be correct.

Reason for Mr. Pawan Kalyan, not being correct: Nearly 80% of the farmers have already been coerced (forced with the threat of impending land acquisition) to join the Land Pooling Scheme. Everybody knows that farmers have not joined LPS voluntarily, except those who were tempted by greed, when Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu promised them that the 1000 yards per acre land they will get, shall become precious gold. It is like the religious conversions made during the Bahmany, Nizamshahi, Tughlack-Khilji, Mughal, and the British rule. People were either threatened or tempted. Whatever it be, large number of farmers have already surrendered their lands. Not taking over the remaining required land under L.A. Act, will lead to inequal treatment. While those who joined the Scheme get 1000 sqyds per acre, those who do not join the LPS will get entire acre of their land which they will commercially exploit. That means those who reluctant/recalcitrant will get four times more benefits than those who acceded to the Govt's requests.

Allowing the reluctant/recalcitrant farmers will create inequalities worse than the first two options.

1. Bluntly take over the remaining land under L.A. Act, if necessary by applying force.

This is a sort of equality. (I am not supporting this). Forcible taking over may lead to some violence either from farmers or from the State, such as Firings. In the process, Andhra Pradesh will fail to learn lessons from what happened in Nandigav and Singoor in West Bengal. History will repeat. The 10% farmers who remaining (as per Mr. Naidu's estimate) are now going to become hardnuts to crack. This, Messrs. Naidu, Pulla Rao, Narayana & Co. may have to keep in mind, on the basis of a simple logic that these 10% farmers have not yielded to the Government, in spite of repeated threats of land acquisition, and extension of the schemes from time to time.

2. Cancelling the Amaravati Rajadhani Scheme.

Return the LPS land to the farmers. Shift the Capital to some other place where enough Forest/Govt. land is available, while ensuring that land speculation and builder mafia will not shift there. This is the best option, which I support.

Reasons: Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu by repeatedly declaring that he would build a World Class Capital created great undeserving hopes in people to become super-rich in the shortest time they can dream off. He has also welcomed the land-speculation and builder mafia to enter Capital Region and monopolise the ALL THE LAND surrounding the Seed Capital land. Lands upto Nandigama Muktyala (Telangana border) in Krishna District, Krosur Atchampeta in Guntur District have been diverted from agariculture to fallow plots in which we can see only some boundary stones. The buyers of all these lands neither build houses there nor sell them to poor and middle classes to enable them to build their own homes. Nor will the speculating owners/builders reconvert the land into agriculture or at least some small gardens. They will be lying vacant for another five decades, with the exception of those which are immediately-roadside. Consequently, for erecting small scale industries or medium sized industries also, land will not be available.

If Mr. Naidu Narayana Pulla Rao & Co. believe that all the farmers have joined LPS voluntarily, then they will be indulging in self-deception. (आत्म-वंचन ఆత్మ వంచన). It is a different that politicians may not have souls (AtmAs) or worry about "vancanAs (deceptions). People who have such worries will not join politics.


If the Govt. wants takes cancellation of Amaravati Rajadhani Scheme, and if the Govt. does not want to displease Mr. Pawan Kalyan , can adopt the following procedure:

In case of LPS okay farmers, Govt. can take two types of consent letters. From those who want to Govt. handing over their land to private Corporates for Development, they can give their consent. Those LPS okay farmers, who want that Govt. should use their land only for genuine GOVT. PURPOSE without handing over the land to anybody either on lease or on allotment, they can give a restricted consent letter. These lands Govt. will have to develop with State Funds and use for genuine public purposes such as Govt. Hospitals, Govt. Schools, Colleges, Universities, Municipal-Panchayat-Roads-State-and National Highways.

In case of LPS not okay- farmers, Govt. can issue orders stopping registrations. It can permit the farmers to continue to cultivate their lands as long as they wish to. If they want to sell the lands, they should sell their lands to Govt. at rates fixed by the Govt., and if the Govt. does not want to buy, Govt. can allow their sale only to legitimate agriculturists who will actually till the land. Thus the desire of the farmers to save their ancestral lands will be fulfilled. Mr. Pawan Kalyan can also be satisfied. Whenever Govt. purchases these lands from farmers, it should use only for genuine public purposes, and should not lease them or allot them to private parties for any purpose.

TAIL PIECE पुछ्छल तारा తోక చుక్క There are news reports that AP Government has agreed 50% cost of doubling the Guntur Guntakal RAilway line. This seem to be foolish.

Reasons: 1. Central Govt. in a butcherlike fashion, divided the State of Andhra Pradesh, quite unilaterally. It will, therefore, be the duty of the Central Government to bear the entire cost of doubling the Guntur Guntakal line. In Bihar, Bengal, Uttar Pradesh States the respective Governments are not bearing 50% costs.

2. If the Capital of A.P. itself is located on the Guntur-Guntakal line, at a place like Donakonda, Vinukonda, Nandyal, Atmakur (Kurnool Dt.) it might have forced the Central Govt. to take up the doubling the Guntur Guntakal Rail line on its own. Establishing the Capital between two crowded cities of Guntur and Vijayawada which are well-connected with Railways, and by asking for AP Express to start at Vijayawada, Naidu Government has jeopardised the cause of Guntur-Guntakal line.

Correct route of AP Express ought to have been (Bangalore)Hindupur-Guntakal-Dronachalam-Nallamala Ghats-Vinukonda-Narasaraopet-Guntur-Vijayawada-Eluru-Rajahmundry-Visakhapatnam-Vizianagaram-RAigadh, Raipur etc. etc. By following this route, we could have had the AP Express to serve as a spinal card for the Andhra Pradesh State. We could also have avoided the Telangana connection by eliminating Manchiryal and Kajipet, even Secunderabad. The new AP Express would have helped the backward States like Orissa, Chattisgadh, Madhya Pradesh, probably U.P. It would have reduced the load on Delhi-Kajipet-Vijayawada GT line. If trains are started on this route to benefit Tamil Nadu, they will run through Vijayawada, Tenali anyway.

Question: You are always writing about Marxism (or Total Socialism). It is an impossible dream. Make some suggestions for quick development of A.P. and employent creation, within the FRAME-WORK OF CAPITALISM.

Marxism (Total Capitalism) will not be an impossible dream. However, as desired, we shall examine the ways and means of quick development and employment generation within the framework of CApitalism, in the next blog post.

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