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428 Writers have only two real classes i.e. 1. Bourgeoise class 2. Workers' class

४२८ लेखकों को दो ही वर्ग रहना, पहला बूर्जुवा लेखक वर्ग, दूसरा श्रामिक लेखक वर्ग

౪౨౮ రచయితలకు ఉండాల్సింది రెండే వర్గాలు, మొదటిది బూర్జువా రచయితలు, రెండవది శ్రామిక రచయితలు.

The Organisors of the World Telugu Writers Conference, Vijayawada were reported to have said:

The third meet will focus on creating a feeling of togetherness among the Telugu speaking people of all places.

It is a known fact that the issue of State's bifurcation has created an uneasiness among the people of A.P. and Telangana.   But it is time that all the Telugus bury their differences and start team work 

ybrao-a-donkey's voice वैबीराव गधे के वाणी వైబీరావు గాడిద వాణి

Writers can have only two classes: Bourgeois writers, Worker writers.  If a particular  writer wants to find out his class, he can find it out,  not from his writings, but from his actions.  Or he can use a mirror at 0.00 hours.   Linguistic affiliations such as Telugu, Tamil, Regional affiliations such as Telangana , Andhra are all imaginary.

Telangana Telugu writers forgot this basic fact, and like their other intellectual counterparts (lawyers, doctors, PG students, etc.) wrote awful things about unity of Telugu people.   They along with Maoists of different colors, C.P.I.,  went ahead to support KCR & Co. ignoring the need for unity of all workers, whatever be their region / language / religion / caste.  

Both the All India Parties i.e. BJP and Congress, many Regional parties of India (probable exception CPM & Trinamool Congress, for their own reasons) supported the Andhra Pradesh Bifurcation Bill, in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, and got it passed in a heinous manner ,  when the Houses were in a State of Chaos, ignoring the resolution passed by combined Andhra Pradesh State Assembly, the views of the Chief Minister of combined A.P. at that time that there would be numerous future problems,  brushing aside the Lok Sabha Members from the Coastal Andhra and Rayala Seema as if they were some beggars clamoring for alms or swarming flies. 

The subsequent utterances, behavior and conduct, of KCR & Co. have also demonstrated their nefarious plans to tease the people of Coastal people and the Rayalaseema devising ingenious methods everyday.  As far as I can recollect, none of the 700 Telangana Telugu writers who are (said to be ) going to attend the have written anything criticising their nefarious plans, or the utterances of Telangana MPS, MLAs which were violative of basic human rights of people to migrate from one place to another (actually across countries.  In India, at least across States).

Writers must have conscience, sincerity and courage of conviction.  Then then need clear perspectives of different societies and the forces which try to exploit people.  They must have a clear understanding of reasons for the 'rots' of societies.

The hearts of Telangana Telugu writers (there may be some exceptions, traitors in their majority view) will not change in the near future.   Or their mindsets may not change at all, like the split minds of Pakisthan and India.  In the circumstances, there may not be any real utility by harping on the unity of Telugu people.  Even Pingali vAri pEki cannot unite Telugu people.  (Of course there will be caste/religion based unities, business-need based unities, which is outside the scope of this particular blog post.  It will be dealt with separately.)

Of course, the Chief Minister of RESIDUAL A.P. (Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu), Opposition Leader (Mr. Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy) may have different ideas, because they have political ambitions and properties in both the States.  They want sufficient number of M.P.s under them, so that they can some day rule Delhi or manipulate coalition circars.

If the Residual Andhra Pradesh writers have a real strong desire that Telugu should become international language, they should pass a resolution asking the State Government, Universities to take up

1) restructuring of Telugu grammar, in such a way that MACHINE translation of Telugu web pages into English and other world languages becomes easy.  For this, inflections of nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs are to be minimised, to match with number, tense, gender.  That means case indicator words (vibhaktulu) are to be standardised and written separately from the words they link and modify.

E.g.  vADu + ki = vADu ki (instead of vADiki at present).

vALLu + ki = vALLu ki (instead of vALLaki).

2) Future TELUGU language should be written and typed in Roman script, dispensing with the headache of fonts, Unicode, UTF-8 etc. etc.  Learning of Telugu language has become a problem for foreigners, Indians of other regions, due to numerous symbols (vattulu, gunintAlu) running into thousands.  Once we adopt Roman script (whether we like it or not we have to recognise that it is the Unofficial script of this world owing to computerisation), primary school and High School drops-out can be minimised.

More foreigners and non-Telugu Indians will be able to read Telugu web pages, and Telugu books in Roman script.   Telugu writers can expect global readership.

Question: Is Telugu script, really the best or the second best in in the world, because some seminar in Thailand decided that Korean script is the world's best, and Telugu is the world's second best?

Answer: Telugu script has many scientific elements which accurately represent sounds.  But that alone is not sufficient to make it the world's best script. 

Characteristics of a good functional script

The script should be easy to learn to new entrants.  It should not result in school drops-out, because there are too many complex signs to learn and remember.  The script should not be difficult to type and computerise.  Keyboards should not become complex. 

Need for OCR compatibility

Above all, today, simple scripts with few fonts can become OMR, OCR friendly.  Telugu script is not such script.  On the other hand English script (Roman script) is readable even with 8 bit ascii methods.  Many English fonts have become Optical Character readable.  In other words scanned printed English documents can be converted into typed paged pages, made into good ebooks, edited, etc. etc.  In near future, Telugu script cannot reach these goals. 

All Government communications should be in Telugu-Roman script

If we want to benefit more from technology, we should adopt and adapt ourselves, our languages, to the parameters and standards which the new technology needs.  Hence it will be very apt, if we write all our future documents, particularly Government communications in Telugu-Roman-script.  This also makes trilingualisation of all Government circulars, notifications, laws easy.  Machine translation methods can also be redesigned.

People residing in Residual Andhra Pradesh, should not make their State an andha Pradesh (An area which is blind).  Linguistic fanatism can be as blind as religious fanatism.  Now as natives of Telangana (including Telangana Telugu writers) parted their ways under the evil influence of KCR, the writers of Residual Andhra Pradesh should choose and follow a progressive path.

*Re-writing Telugu grammar to facilitate machine-translations,

*publishing all Government communications, common newspapers, facebook writings, blogs etc in Telugu with Roman Script,

*shedding excess love of one's own language,

*encouraging Telugu speakers to learn as many languages as possible so that they can globalise themselves -- all these will be progressive measures which do not require monetary investments. 


EVERYBODY in Residual Andhra Pradesh knows that only one particular landed caste is ruling this State of Residual A.P.   Leaders of all other castes have been made ministers in such a manner that they remain subservient (sEvak, anusEvi) all the time, just as Nitish Kumar expected Manjhi to remain his sEvak and anusEvi.

This particular landed caste ruling A.P. is very crazy about language, script.  It is also the same landed caste which is crazy about real estate, imported cars, super speciality hospitals, donation Colleges etc. etc. 

This landed caste dominates the film industry by manipulating and monopolising  theatre leases .  It is not, therefore, difficult for them to get a few hundreds of crores alloted in the name of Telugu Writers Conferences, Telugu Mahasabhas.  It can also mobilise easily some dollar bucks from U.S.A. in the name of Telugu people, for conducting 'jAtaras'.

But the problems of the common people of the Residual Andhra Pradesh are different.

(To continue.  Will be subject to further editing).  ఇంకా వ్రాయాల్సింది ఉంది.   తెలుగు , హిందీ అనువాదాలు కూడ జోడించాల్సి ఉంది.

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