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949 Some politicians seem to be less intelligent than their cleverer counterparts!

At last the cat has come out of the bag. The veil has been removed or self-removed after being exposed. This is the story of Mr. Lalu Prasad Yadav, Former Railway Minister of India, Ex Chief Minister of Bihar, admitting that his wife and sons own 50% shares in a Rs.7.5 billion Mall. Like any other cunning politician, Mr. Lalu Yadav chose not to disclose it, until it is made public by Sushil Kumar Modi, Bihar BJP Leader. In Telugu language, we have an adage 'andarU pittina muttaiduvulE'. [approx. English: All are revered Ladies! This adage has a background story. Elderly women with living husbands are called in Telugu 'muttaiduvulu'. It is customary to invite them as guests to domestic-functions of women, and honor them with sweets, betel leaves, fruits etc. In such functions, normally guests are not expected to fart (expel intestinal gas, with or without sound / smell). Unfortunately some Lady farted, with some sound/smell. All those present looked at one another, as though the other person was the Lady who farted. Nobody will disclose voluntarily. It is also possible that a few/some/many/all of them might have farted, but nobody will accept it. Hence, the adage 'andarU pittina muttaidulE (All are revered Ladies who have farted).]


It seems to be against Indian tradition on the part of Rulers and Ex Rulers, that they will not disclose their own corruption, and it is mutually respected custom, that sincere investigations will not be launched against one another, though barking takes place, but never, biting is done.

For example. corruption in purchase of Bofors Guns was revealed by whom? Swedish Radio.

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BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi alleged last week that the land was illegally transferred to Lalu's family as a favour. In 2008, while he was the country's Railways Minister, an entrepreneur named Harsh Kochhar was given a15-year-lease to run two hotels for the railways in Puri and Ranchi. But before this, he sold the two-acre plot in Patna to a company owned by the wife of an MP from Lalu's party named Prem Gupta.

Over the last few years, the name of the company was revised along with changes that ended with the three directors being restricted to Lalu's wife and sons. All iterations of the holding company were registered at the same address. The current company, Lalu told reporters today, is LARA- named for him and wife Rabri Devi who has also served as Chief Minster of Bihar.


Definition of fart
often vulgar.
Intransitive verb : to expel intestinal gas from the anus

See fart defined for English-language learners Origin and Etymology of fart

Middle English ferten, farten; akin to Old High German ferzan to break wind, Old Norse freta, Greek perdesthai, Sanskrit pardate he breaks wind

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ybdonkey's Telugu language notes, for readers who are interested in Linguistic Histories: Though Telugu language is not an Indo-European language descending from Sanskrit, it has borrowed nearly 30% of its words from Sanskrit language. Hence, we find large number of INdo-European origin words in Telugu language, some of them current in addition to their native Indian (Dravidian???) words.

In Telugu, the verb and noun 'fart' is known as : 'pittu'. పిత్తు. For a long time, I was wondering about the origin of this word in Telugu. I thought that it was a native word. Now, it appears that 'pittu' is fro Sanskrit 'pard' (pardate above is verb), and the Old Norse 'freta', Middle English farten. In Telugu verb forms are also similar: pittATam (infinitive), pittADu (m-singu-past), pittaru (mf-plural-past), pittindi (f-singu-past) etc.

ybrao a donkey's views which are not intended to be imposed on others

State of the Art, seems to be not to keep corrupt earnings, in any form of assets in INdia, such as real estate, gold, diamonds, currency, shares. Many successful politicians WHO MAINTAIN A CLEANER THOU IMAGE, seem to maintain their assets in numbered accounts in tax haven countries. Or they own Companies abroad in connivance with the foreign Governments, and earn Knighthoods, or Ordre national de la Légion d'honneur.

Politicians such as Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy, Lalu Prasad Yadav seem to be foolish exceptions.

To continue adding / deleting / modifying. सशेष. ఇంకా ఉంది.


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