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808 English Crossword Puzzle No.ybcw 008. Also: Should people take pride in doing things which benefit themselves?

Here is our today's English Crossword Puzzle No. ybcw 008. You can also find solution grid on the right side of the blank grid. The words in the puzzle have been selected by the Linux software package QXW, on a random basis.


1 Small carpal bones in the base of hand. (10)
9 play ground. (5)
10 handle of a scythe. (5)
12 thinking with sentimental love. (12)
15 Central Processing Unit. (3)
16 English babyname, to mean: cheerful. (4)
17 Short for I have. (3)
18 Not daughters. (4)
20 strip of buttons and icons in a computer window. (7)
22 views. (4)
24 A city in England. (5)
25 Baby girl name, to mean 'young deer'. (5)
26 A curly hair style. (4)
27 Small wooden cabins. (7)
30 English goodbye. (4)
32 New Year in Vietnam. (3)
33 Burden. (4)
35 Stannum. (3)
36 Following the principles of the Greek philosopher Aristotle. (12)
39 A morning assembly. (5)
40 French for 'lioness'. (5)
41 Discharges from glands. (10)


1 Lowest regions of the atmosphere. (12)
2 Financially rewarding. (12)
3 Collection of quotes. (3)
4 Gasp for breath. (4)
5 Osceola. Billy Powell, A Florida Seminole leader. (7)
6 Short for Christina. (3)
7 lengthy discussion. (12)
8 Citizens of Salvador. (12)
9 Portions of curved lines. (4)
11 Those who apply color to raw cloth. (5)
13 Response to 'tit'. (3)
14 In terms of (3)
19 Stamp of authority. (4)
21 Went away. (4)
23 Place of temporary protection from danger/weather. (7)
25 Relating to a numerical system, with eight as base. (5)
28 Also. (3)
29 Didn't stand. (3)
31 Elder brother in South India. Babyname to mean 'grace'. (4)
34 Store for delicious foods. (4)
37 Short for Section of a Statute. (3)
38 Fifth in Zodiac. (3)



1 trapezoids (10)
9 arena (5)
10 Snead (5)
12 romantically (12)
15 CPU (3)
16 Tate (4)
17 I've (3)
18 sons (4)
20 toolbar (7)
22 sees (4)
24 Leeds (5)
25 Oprah (5)
26 Afro (4)
27 chalets (7)
30 Tara (4)
32 Tet (3)
33 load (4)
35 tin (3)
36 Aristotelian (12)
39 levee (5)
40 Leona (5)
41 secretions (10)


1 tropospheres (12)
2 remunerative (12)
3 Ana (3)
4 pant (4)
5 Osceola (7)
6 Ina (3)
7 deliberation (12)
8 Salvadorians (12)
9 arcs (4)
11 dyers (5)
13 tat (3)
14 Ito (3)
19 seal (4)
21 Left, left (4)
23 shelter (7)
25 octal (5)
28 too (3)
29 Sat, sat (3)
31 Anna (4)
34 deli (4)
37 Sec, sec (3)
38 Leo (3)

Should people take pride in doing things which benefit themselves?

Mr. Nara Chandra Babu Naidu, Chief Minister of Residual Andhra Pradesh, is global-publicity-conscious. Welcome. Why should we, 'the subjects of his Rule' grudge?

Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu, on 10th September 2016, in a talk with Media took pride in not taking any dowry, when he married the daughter of Telugu Film Star, N.T. Rama Rao, Senior. His marriage day was celebrated with fanfare. On the occasion, he is reported to have declared "I have not asked for any dowry from NTR".

Click to read the report:

yb's humble comments:

Is there anything to take pride in that? Did he marry a poor person's daughter? It is a custom in Indian wealthy families, to waive dowries, when brides are wealthy, and claim that they had an "Exemplary Ideal marriage" (Telugu: AadarSa vivAham), whereas it is a marriage of convenience.

He might have weighed great future prospects in marrying the daughter of a Super-Rich Film star, who has millions of fans, with future political potential. In a few years, Mr. NTR became Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. Mr. Naidu jumped from the Congress Party in which he was made a Minister at an young age, to his father-in-law's Party Telugu Desam. As long as Late NTR was CM, Mr. Naidu tried to drive the United Andhra Pradesh (figuratively a Vehicle) from backseat. It went on, till Ms. Lakshmi Parvati entered into the life of Late NTR, and took over the steering. Unable to endure the loss of 'de facto power' (de jurie CM was Late NTR), Mr. Naidu back-stabbed NTR and unseated him from the CM's throne. This is all history of the United Andhra Pradesh and the Residual Andhra Pradesh.

Let us not find fault with all these Machiavellian Strategies and Techniques. We are all slaves of Capitalism. Then, why boast to be different?

Did Mr. Naidu, marry his son Lokesh to a poor person's daughter? Ans: No, not at all. He got his son married, to the daughter of his brother-in-law, Balakrishna, s/o N.T. Rama Rao, Senior. True or not, it is possible, he might have taken into consideration, the aspect of "Retaining Wealth" in the same family. It will be like this: Mr. Bala Krishna's own earnings + Mr. Balakrishna's share of NTR's Estate + Ms. Bhuvaneswari's share of her father's property, all to be retained in the same family.

I do not find fault with Mr. Naidu for this method followed by Wealthy Indians, all over the country. It is a 'ghost' which haunts the Capitalist World, in which the landed castes of Andhra Pradesh, are small cogs in a big monstrous machinery.

I only pity them, because they do not know what they lose by being caught in Capitalism, and then pretending to be 'Ideal Humans' to be emulated by gullible persons.

This is no longer a private matter, because Mr. Naidu himself spoke to Media, for publicity or whatever be the reason, and the matter is now in public domain.

Today's Telugu Verse.

This verse is a great "AaSu cATuvu" (A verse which is woven ex tempore following the rigid prosody of Telugu language. cATuvus are verses which come out from the mouths of Great Poets, without any prior preparation. This poem is a work of Poet Srinatha, who lived in 14th/15th Century.

To continue. सशेष. ఇంకా ఉంది.

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