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535 How to buy a share of Rs. 10, for Rs. 96,010? १० रू. के षेर को ९६०१० रू. को खरीदने के उपाय పది రూపాయల షేర్ ను రూ.96010 కొనటం ఎలా

Question: How to buy a share of Rs. 10 , cheaply for Rs. 96,010/-?
Ans: I do not know. We have to ask Ms. Vasundahra Raje, CM of Rajasthan.

World language English in Roman script: प्रपंच भाषा अंग्रेजी, रोमन स्क्रिप्ट में। ప్రపంచ భాష ఇంగ్లీషు రోమన్ స్క్రిప్టులో.

People of erstwhile United Andhra Pradesh, and globally Telugu speaking people should not think that their own leaders alone are intelligent, and leaders of other States and other countries of the world are muffs.

This impression they may have, from the recent memories of former Chief Minister of United A.P., late Shri Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy mobilising nearly a trillion Rupees through quid pro quo methods. The modus operandi of this great technique was asking those people seeking Andhra Pradesh State Government lands and permissions, to purchase shares in Companies of kith and kin, paying sky-high premia. This great corruption scam is sub-judice, and the son of Late Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy is on bail. His son is at present the Opposition leader of the Residual Andhra Pradesh. Telugu people wanted to prove what Justice Markandeya Katju said, when he classified 90% of Indians are fools. Otherwise, how could they elect Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu, Mr. Y.s. Jaganmohan Reddy, Mr. K. Chandrasekhara Rao as their leaders?

There is no need for Telugu speaking people of the Unsplit Andhra Pradesh and the global Telugu speakers to undergo disquietitude that the leaders of their own State are corrupt and the leaders of other countries, and leaders of other states in India are crystal clean.

According to recent disclosures made by Mr. Lalit Modi, as per the reports appearing in media, he has invested Rs. 110 million in a Company, in Niyant Heritage Hotels, owned by Mr. Dushyant Singh, a B.J.P. M.P., and son of Ms. Vasundhara Raje, Chief Minister of Rajasthan.

Rs. 10 share, at a premium of Rs. 96,000! Mr. Lalit Modi is reported to have bought each share of Rs. 10, at a premium of Rs. 96,000/-.

Could we ever make this type of great gift to our mother? మనం మన తల్లి దండ్రులకు ఇలాటి బహుమతులను ఎప్పుడైనా ఇవ్వగలిగామా, లేక భవిష్యత్ లో ఇవ్వ గలమా.

Mr. Dushyant Singh and his wife is said to have gifted 1640 shares each (total 3280 shares) to his mother (i.e. Ms. Vasundhara Raje, the CM of Rajasthan). What will be the value of these gifted shares at the above premium of Rs. 96,000/- per share? 96,000 x 3280 = Rs. 314.88 million , or Rs. 31,48,80,000/-.

We already know the concessions made by the former Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, and Mr. Veerbhadra Singh, the former CM of Himachal Pradesh, to Mr. Robert Vadra, the son-in-law of Ms. Sonia Gandhi. We can also recall the hardships of the honest I.A.S. Officer, Mr. Ashok Khemka, who brought out some of these shady deals, and the fate of his being dumped to a State of Caretaker of Museums in Hariyana.

There are 29 States in India. There are 29 Chief Ministers. Our Prime Ministers, Chief Minister, and Ministers are not novices, who do not know quid pro quo techniques. Even if they are novices, they do not lack in learning skills.

What will be the aggregate amounts of hidden quid pro quo in purchase of weapons, aircraft, crude oil, edible oils at All India level? What will be the total quantum of quid pro quo 's undertaken by all the 29 Chief Ministers of India with infinite number of Lalit Modis? I can't calculate. We need a Super Computer, with thousands of data-processors.

Now, how many Lalit Modis are there within India and outside India? None of them have been made fugitives. This fate has befallen, why only to Lalit Modi? Should we say that it is a quirk of fate? Definitely not!

These are only the vagaries of Capitalism. Just as the vagaries of monsoons and earthquakes cannot really be predicted with mathematical exactitude, we cannot predict the vagaries of behaviors of business rivalries and conspiracies, retributions, which become more pronounced when accompanied by political intrigues.

Question: Won't these problems exist in Communism/Marxism/Total Socialism, which you are trying to spread?

Ans. as per the perception of ybrao a donkey: These problems may not arise within India. Reason: There will be no Companies and there will be no shares. However, Indian bureaucrats and politicians storing their corrupt moneys in secret accounts abroad will continue. But that money, they will not be able to use in India, because in India, Marxism will definitely remove money, currency and their purchasing powers. There will be nothing which money can buy in a truly Socialist India.

However, Indian bureaucrats and politicians can frequently visit abroad, and enjoy the power of spending their ill-gotten money stashed abroad. (Example of this lavish Indian spending abroad, you can see in our blog post No. Click to go post No.507).

We can solve this problem by going for World Total Socialism, True-World Marxism, True-World-Communism (Not the China brand). For global problems, we need global solutions, probably. For this reason only, Workers of All countries have to unite, some day or other! Right now, it is an empty slogan, because the world is floating on a wave of reckless Capitalism.

Today's Vocabulary mcq
Find the oddman out from the following words: a) batophobia b) trepidation c) intrepidation d) flutter

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Today's Telugu poetry
Everybody knows that it will be necessary to lobby and bribe, even for Heads of States of countries to get an invite from White House, to meet the U.S. President. It is an American Custom. I do not have evidence, but I believe that in India also to meet President, PM, important Central Ministers, Congress President, some lobbying and probably some bribing may become necessary.

I do not wish to say wish to say that everybody who gets an appointment to meet Indian Prez/PM/Home Minister/Congress Prez goes through lobbies and bribing, but, definitely, seeing them other than in election rallies appears to be more difficult than having a darSan of Lord Venkateswara, Tirumala.

Example: Pl. see my blog post No. 491 Click to go to 491, where you can see the news about film actor Mr. Mohan Babu going to invite India's PM to invite him for son's marriage, and Mr. Mohan Babu's daughter managing a selfie with PM.

It also seems to be a historical Indian custom: Gate keepers had to be bribed to enter kings' courts and sultans' darbars. Of course, there were exceptions. Here is one verse which shows the perturbation in the mind of an agitated visitor to a city. Identify the city, visitor, and the king.
"...నెబ్భంగి దర్శింపఁగలను తద్ద్వారపాలు రెక్కడి విప్రుండ విం దేలవచ్చెద వని యడ్డపెట్టిరే నపుడు వారి కేమైనఁ పరిదానఁ మిచ్చి చొచ్చెద నన్న నూహింప నర్థశూన్యుండ నేను ..."

"Above quote in Latin Script:...Ebbhangi darSimpagalanu tat dvArapAlu
rekkaDi viprunDav indEla vaccedav ani aDDa peTTirEni apuDu vAri
kEmaina paridAnam icci cocceda nannan Uhimpan ardha SUnyunDa nEnu...."

English Gist: "...How can I see (him)? If those gate-keepers ask me wherefrom have I come, and why did I come, and stop me, then, what gift can I give them and enter in? To anticipate this (and overcome the problem), I am a person without money. ..."

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(To continue सशेष ఇంకా ఉంది.).

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