Monday, April 6, 2015

465 Do industrialist MPs have time to serve Sports bodies? When will they serve people?

465 kyA udyOgapati samsadOamkO KhEl samshThAOmkO nirvahaN karnE kE samay milEgA?
465 MPlu gA mArina pAriSrAmika vEttalaku, krIDA samsthalanu nirvahincHE samayam unTundA?

In the early days of Indian independence and democracy, a philosophical concept existed that Members of Parliament and Assemblies should concern themselves only with legislative functions i.e. making laws.  Representing people's problems of their Constituencies was secondary to a sense of National belonging and outlook.  In other words, if there are 542 members in Indian Parliament Lower House (Lok Sabha), each member was a 1/542 of the Indian Nation.  He was not a representative of his Constituency or his Region or State, in its narrow geographical sense.

Gradually, things started changing.  MPs and MLAs were pressurised by the voters, members of their castes, linguistic groups, religious groups to represent their view points and concerns, as distinct from National macro concerns.

If a MP or an M.L.A. really wants to serve people in an ideal manner, 24 hours will be inadequate for them.  If they also keep in mind that they have to do justice to the pay and perquisites they get from the public exchequer, then they have to burn their life's candle from both ends.  They will not be able to do justice to their personal businesses / occupations / professions which they were persuing for their livelihood before their election to represent people.   In spite of employing paid Managers to look after such businesses / occupations, their erstwhile livelihoods may suffer.  Fortunately, MPs and MLAs who complete their full five years term in India, get their entitlement to some reasonable pension, so that it will not be necessary for them to starve after completing the term.

In the above arrangement, there is no provision for a third avocation.  But, we find our MPs, MLAs and Ministers quite eager to preside Sports Associations.

Names of politicians and the Sports Associations they control /controlled in the past are given below:

1. Sharad Pawar - Mumbai Cricket Assocsiation - Former Union Minister, and President of NCP Party.
2. Narendra Modi- Gujarat Cricket Association - present P.M. of India.
3. Suresh Kalmadi - Indian Olympic Association - Former Union Minister.
4. Amit Shah - Gujarat Cricket Association - present BJP President.
5. Praful Patel - All India Foot Ball Federation (AIFF) - Union Minister.
6. Ramlal Thakur - Kabaddi and Volley Ball Associations - Former Forest Minister of Himachal Pradesh.
7. Anil Sarma - Himachal Athletic Association - Rural Dev. Minister of Himachal.
8. J.P. Nadda, - Himachal Rifle Association - BJP National Secretary, Rajya Sabha MP.
9. Anurag Thakur - Himachal Cricket, Olympics Ass. - MP from Hamirpur, HP.
10.Galla Jayadev - A.P. Olympic Association. - T.D.P., M.P., Guntur.
11.Gokaraju Gangaraju - Vice President, B.C.C.I. - B.J.P., M.P. Narsapur.

Supreme Court of India, while hearing a petition by Indian Hockey Federation (IHF) and Hockey India, advised that sports bodies in India should be kept away from politicians.

Mr. Rahul Gandhi, Congress Vice President opposed the idea of politicians controlling sport bodies.  (I am not a supporter of Mr. Rahul Gandhi.  Whatever be his other merits and demerits, in this particular respect of politicians controlling sports, he said a good thing.  Fortunately he himself is not President or Secretary of any Sports Association. ).

International Footballer Mr. Mark Seagraves, when he visited India was also distressed to find that Indian sports were dominated by politicians.

Mr. Galla Jayadev, T.D.P. M.P. from Guntur got himself elected President of Andhra Pradesh Olympic Association.  He is already unable to do justice to his accepted job of Guntur M.P.  He has to run his family business of Amar Raja Batteries.  When will he find time to resurrect Andhra Pradesh Olympic Association?

Mr. Gokaraju Gangaraju, Secretary Andhra Cricket Association, is also B.J.P. M.P. from Narsapur.  This M.P. has to look after his Laila Group of Companies.  He has to administer his MBA & Engineering College --Gokaraju Gangaraju Institute of Technology, Hyderabad.  When will he have time to work full time for the poor of Narsapur?

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