Friday, February 20, 2015

426 What a great good governance!

Simhachalam Devasthanam (Hindu Temple, Visakhapatnam).  Photo courtesy:

My father who is aged nearly 90, wanted to visit Simhachalam, and take part in the Lord's wedding worship  (Kalyanam pooja).   Though I am an atheist, as a son, I felt that I should fulfill his desire.  HE is at a sunset stage.  Besides, I can't impose my beliefs on him.

I wanted to get relevant information such as pooja timings, ticket prices, resthouse (choultry, satram) timings, resthouse rates, etc. from the website of the temple.

Here are the website addresses of the temple:

I found that both the sites are not opening, in spite of several attempts.

My readers, may try their hands, by clicking the above links.

As a part of my satya sodhana, to elicit reasons for the site not functioning, and when the site will re-open to public, I wanted to contact the Endowments Department, New Residual Andhra Pradesh under whose administration the Simhachalam Devasthanam functions.

Their website:

This website opened.  Funnily, this website has no "contacts" page.  What does that convey?  Do the Endowment Department Officials think that nobody should contact them, or nobody should be able to contact them?

This website is said to have been designed and developed by Centre for Good Governance.  If there was any technical snag,  this "Good Governance" Centre ought to have suggested to the Endowments Commissioner that a website without contact page will be like a cuckoo which cannot hear or sing.  Or did the Endowments Commissioner tell the Centre for Good Governance, we do not want a website of Good Governance, you have to design a WEBSITE of 'the best governance'.

Did the Endowments Commissioner tell the CFGG "If there is a contact page , so many people will contact us, it will be a headache, hence don't design that page.?"

On this home page of the apendowments, we have a link: MAJOR TEMPLES, READ MORE with photo of one temple.  We shall click it.  What we get now?

Now, we get  a list of 67 temples in undivided A.P.

We now, select item No. 46 of the list, which is

This particular page is very informative.  But I have to try and retry to access this page.  Some of the options available on this page:

So, we have made some progress. But not enough.

I shall search elsewhere, and resume this experience narration again.

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