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1029 Replies to Comments of Shri , at my blogpost No. 053 at this blog, about AtharvaNa vEda verses quoted by me

This is in continuation of my post No. 0053, at this blog. There I have quoted verses from Kanda 7, anuvAkam 9, Suktam 90, verses 1-2-3, from Atharvana Veda. The verses quoted by me were in Telugu Script. My posting was originally made by me in , at my blog It was reproduced by me as Post No. 53 in this blog, problemsoftelugus. The Telugu Script Sanskrit verses, and their Telugu gist were, as far as I can recollect, were reproduced by me from a library book read by me, author: Late Shri Vidvan ViSvam, a reputed Author in Telugu. Right now, the above book is not with me, as I read it in a Library. If any of my readers have any link such as, to the Telugu book of Atharvana Veda by Late Vidvan ViSvam, my Readers can quote the link in the comments portion below, so that I can download it. Alternatively, if anybody has a copy of the book of Late Vidvan Visvam, they can scan the book / or that particular page, and place it on internet for public reference. Today, I have received through E-mail, made by one of our Esteemed Readers (I am withholding his Email address, to protect his privacy). First I shall quote the views of our Esteemed Reader:

Sub: Your Post No.53 on


With respect to the subject matter, I hereby present few points for your perusal. This email is to make you understand that, you have wrongly interpreted the Sanskrit sloaka of Atharvana Veda in 7th Kanda, 90th Sukta and its 3 sub-sloakas. I am giving you a link for AtharvanaVeda, where the sloaka that you have mentioned and it is clearly visible that your comprehension of these three sloakas are poorly or wrongly translated leading to “some kind of despise” ​

Proof: Link =

Page No.309, Section - ShatruBalaNaaSana Sukta - 90 -Kaanda 7

Please explain me where it is written those words of “Prostitute” “Cutting of Male Penis"​ ​

Please find the ATTACHMENT ​

I believe that my Esteemed Reader can read and understand Telugu Script and Telugu language. It may be his mother tongue. Hence, my blogpost No. 0053 which gave Sanskrit verses and their meaning in Telugu, might have been fully understood by him.

I am examining the whole issue afresh. Kindly bear with me and tolerate me, in the meantime.

My Tentative Reply.

I shall quote the second verse from the above picture:
1976. vayam tadasya sambhritam
vasvindrENa vi bhajAmahai
mlApayAmi bhrajaha
SiSnam varuNasya vratEna tE.

Meaning of the word mlApayAmi, in the 3rd line above

I shall quote from a Sanskrit English Dictionary available on line: Click here to go to
mlai cl.1 P. () mlāyati- (Epic also te-and mlāti-; perfect tense mamlau- ; mamle- ; Aorist amlāsīt-,2. sg. mlāsīḥ- ; preceding mlāyāt-,or mleyāt- ; future mlātā-, mlāsyati- grammar; Conditional amlāsyatām- , syetām- ; infinitive mood mlātum- grammar), to fade, wither, decay, vanish etc. ; to be languid or exhausted or dejected, have a worn appearance : Causal mlāp/ayati-, to cause to wither or fade, enfeeble, make languid ; mlapayati-, to crush View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.

Reply to your prime comment: "I am giving you a link for AtharvanaVeda, where the sloaka that you have mentioned and it is clearly visible that your comprehension of these three sloakas are poorly or wrongly translated leading to 'some kind of despise' .”

For the sake of clarity, first we shall find out the meaning of 'despise' on Google Search of Internet:
despise dɪˈspʌɪz/ verb verb: despise; 3rd person present: despises; past tense: despised; past participle: despised; gerund or present participle: despising

feel contempt or a deep repugnance for. "he despised himself for being selfish"

synonyms: detest, hate, loathe, abhor, abominate, execrate, regard with contempt, feel contempt for, shrink from, be repelled by, not be able to bear/stand/stomach, find intolerable, deplore, dislike

ybrao-a-donkey's personal view not intended to be imposed on others

There is no need for me to despise Aryans or Vedas, or their Vedic Chants, and hOmams (fire-worship ceremonies). In fact, I have substantial empathy and sympathies towards Aryans. Besides, being an Indian, there is a near or a distinct or any other possibility of myself being an Aryan-Dravidian-Native-Indian-Anybody-Anybody hybrid human organism.

Question: Why empathy towards Aryans?

Ans: Aryans over their several Centuries of tortuous and hazardous journey-es of migrating into India, might have experienced numerous hardships, till they finally settled themselves in agriculture, trade, animal husbandry, and some other occupations in their New Land in India. See this picture, courtesy

During the thousands of kilometers of their perilous journeys from Baltics to Bihar, through the Mountainous or desert-y terrains of Balkans, Black Sea, Central Asia (consisting of numerous -Sthans such as Kazakisthan, Tazakisthan, Belarus, Ukraine, Turkministhan, Tashkent, Afghanisthan,Iran, Iraq) their lives might have been exposed to to numerous dangers, including abduction-stealing-robbing of their cows, horses, and women. In those miserable days, especially during helpless times, it might have been natural for them to seek help from Gods, offering to them food through Fire-God, thinking that their Sanskrit Vedic magic chants would work.

It is a different thing that after settling in India, they might have started oppressing Native Indians

This part is very risky and slippery to write about, because there are sentiments of different castes, Regions, Languages, sub-Nationalities in India, which we have to take care not to hurt. Certain things seem to be reasonably clear, though nobody is likely to accept them.

2. They did not want varNa sankarams (Pollution of body colors by mix up) to take place. Proof: Arjuna (=literal meaning of the name 'white body colored person') in Bhagavad Gita was very much afraid that varNa sankaram would take place, if Wives of (white) Warriors become widows, and when they start being tempted by males of other lower castes.

3. Strong Urge of Aryans to cater/reserve to themselves occupations which do not require much physical work. This urge, they got accomplished by allotting menial occupations to lower castes at the bottom, who being Native Indians of Darker Colors might have gradually been admitted into the Aryan four caste system. For this reason only, to start with, the 3rd Caste Vysyas were asked to do farming, animal husbandry, small tray. And the 4th Caste ShudrAs were asked to serve the top three caste Masters. The fifth caste "Outcasts" were made to reside outside villages, undertaking de-skinning dead animals, and tanning leathers.

4. Desire of Aryans to prevent their Women being tempted into wedlock by Native Lovers of Darker Colors, (called vilOma vivAhas), by condemning such viloma wedlocks as abominable, and by making the children born out of such prohibited wedlocks as outcasts.

Some of these deductions and inferences may lead to New Caste Battles. Hence, it will be better to be extra cautious, in making derivations.

This post is incomplete. I shall come back and continue to add/modify/delete.

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