Friday, June 3, 2016

768 BJP has to come out with its Action Plan on allegations about Mr. Suresh Prabhu, India's Railway Minister

We get our hopes rejuvenated and revived when we hear Mr. Narendra Modi speaks in his two year Rule Celebrations, just as many numerous Americans getting their ideas and thoughts mirrored when Mr. Donal Trump orates. The Americans are yet to taste the actions of Mr. Trump, which may happen. But, Indians have been tasting the actions of Shri Narendra Modi, as Prime Minister, and his well-publicised and popular slogan na-khaunga-na-khane-dunga [(I shall not eat (be corrupt), nor allow others to eat)]. One such sample, we shall see. BJP has approached Telugu Desam Party to support the candidature of Mr. Suresh Prabhu, India's Railway Minister, for election to Rajya Sabha, from Andhra Pradesh. Whatever may be his anxieties, compulsions, expectations, Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu, the Chief Minister of Residential Andhra Pradesh has readily agreed for the proposition, and a Nomination has been filed by Mr. Suresh Prabhu, for Rajya Sabha. His election is a matter of formality.

Our Readers may be aware that Bombay High Court, had on 29th April 2016, ordered demolition of the 31 floored Adarsh Housing Society building, built on Defence Land, as it was said to have been built on graft, violating all guidelines. The Court gave three months time, to provide for appeal. Of course, both the State and Central Govts., apart from the occupants of the building, may appeal, as is their wont. Even otherwise also, demolition of a 31 storied building constructed at a huge cost, will be a National Waste. On appeal, Supreme Court may probably take this aspect into consideration, and order the building to be handed over to the true owner of the site, i.e. Indian Navy or Ministry of Defence, to use it for military purposes.


What is now relevant for us- we the Indian Citizens, is our Rajya Sabha BJP candidate's name appearing in the list of flat buyers. As per the explanation of Shri Suresh Prabhu, our Hon. Railway Minister, who IS expected to route out corruption in Indian Railways, has purchased his flat with Bank Loans. According to himself, he is a victim, if irregularities were committed by others in the Adarsh Society Affairs.

Mr. Suresh Prabhu is a high profile Chartered Accountant and Consultant. It is not clear, how he could be ignorant of the fact that Adarsh Society Land and the Building were intended for Kargil War Heros, and Kargil War Widows. As an honest politician, and Chartered Accountant, he should have stayed miles away from dubious projects. He is not a lay person in matters of affairs of Government of India, because he worked as a Union Cabinet Minister, and his resignation in 2002 itself was on a plank that he was Mr. Clean, and that Late Bal Thakrey wanted him to be useful to the Party (Shiv Sena) by mending his ways. Many, believed in 2002 that Mr. Prabhu lost his Central Power Minister's job only because he had performed it too well to incur the wrath of Late Bal Thakre.

Then, how can then, such a Great Mr. Efficient, and Mr. Clean stoop down to such a low level of buying a flat intended for Kargil War Heros and War Widows? Did Mr. Bal Thakre force Mr. Suresh Prabhu to accept the flat, though he was reluctant, like the Great PravarAkhya of SwArocisha Manu Sambhavam, who turned down the prayers of the Celestial Beauty Varudhini to accept her love? It is very clear that he is not the Legendary Pravara, but an all knowing Indra scheming to tempt Ahalya, the wife of Sage Gautama.


Shiv Sena REPEATEDLY REWARDED AND SENT Mr. Suresh Prabhu to Lok Sabha, by giving him Lok Sabha ticket four times from his native Rajapur Constituency in Maharashtra. Yet, he did not hesitate to ditch his party, in 2014 to overnight shift his loyalty to BJP. Readers may recall that Mr. Prabhu was sent to Delhi to join the Union Cabinet, to represent Shiv Sena. But owing to some differences between Sena and BJP, Sena asked him not to join the Cabinet. Instead of returning to Mumbai or waiting for further instructions from Mumbai, he simply joined BJP, and took oath as a BJP Minister. What a Great Ethics on the part of BJP Leadership, and on the part of Mr. Prabhu? Though some injustice might have been done to Mr. Prabhu in the past by Sena Leadership, how can he ditch his party by jumping over the fence IN JUST 24 HOURS? He had a duty to return back to Mumbai, discuss all the issues with the Shiv Sena Leadership, and if he is still dissatisfied, he HAS EVERY RIGHT TO RESIGN FROM SENA, AND JOIN BJP. NOT RETURNING TO MUMBAI AND DISCUSSING THE ENTIRE ISSUE WITH PARTY PRESEIDENT, is nothing but sheer opportunism.

As a claimant of being an extremely honest politician, Mr. Narendra Modi, our Prime Minister, who has wedded himself to the slogan of "nahi khAvUngA, na khAnE dUngA", why Mr. Narendra Modi is ignoring the facts about Mr. Suresh Prabhu? How BJP Top Leadership could sponsor an usurper of Kargil War Widows' Benefit Scheme, for Rajya Sabha Ticket? Is Mr. Modi, unaware that Mumbai High Court has ordered prosecution of all bureaucrats and politicians who benefitted from Adarsh Society Scam? Is there a shortage of genuine efficient hands in BJP? Mr. Narendra Modi owes a duty to the Nation to clear the Cloudy Skies.

Triggers for this blog post: 1. BJP recommending the candidature of Mr. Suresh Prabhu for election to Rajya Sabha with TDP support from Andhra Pradesh.

2. Blogpost, by a whistle blower by name Seema Sapra Click to go to Seema Sapra's blog Seema Sapra - General Electric corruption whistle-blower: the Truth prevails .

I am very much astonished about the hard work done by Ms. Seema Sapra. When I see her hardwork, I am ashamed to say that I am a lazy fellow. The following extract of her email message in the above blogpost shows the number of persons (I can't count) to whom she has sent her whistle-blowing complaint.

From: Seema Sapra Date: Fri, Nov 28, 2014 at 6:31 PM Subject: More scams of Suresh Prabhu -: Suresh Prabhu appointed Rail Minister under influence of General Electric Company to cover up corruption in Marhowra and Madhepura loco Projects & tenders - Seema Sapra, General Electric whistle-blower - WP Civil 1280 of 2012, a corruption whistle-blower petition in the Delhi High Court (Seema Sapra v General Electric Company and Others)

To: pmosb , Amit Shah ,, "" ,, "" , Bhim Sain Bassi ,,, "" , "" ,, "" ,,, "" ,, "" , "" ,,, "" , "" ,,,, "" , "" ,,, "" , "" ,,,,, "" ,,, "" ,, "" , "" , "" ,, "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "Madder, Emily" , "" , "" , rajshekhar rao , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , _EDA-Vertretung-New-Delhi , _EDA-VISA New-Delhi , _EDA-Etat Civil New Delhi , "" , "" , indconru indconru , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , Ambassaden New Delhi , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "Dimitrief, Alexander (GE, Corporate)" , "Eglash, Jeffrey C (GE, Corporate)" , Nanju Ganpathy , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "CHAIRMANOFFICE@SEC.GOV" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" ,, Siemens Ombudsman COM ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, "Warin, F. Joseph" , "Chesley, John" ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Priyanka Tyagi ,,,,, kkmanan ,, Rajiv Khosla ,,, puneet mittal , "" ,, Rajesh Mishra ,,,, deepak verma ,, Om Prakash , Jatan Singh , Abhijat Bal , asutosh lohia , Vikram Singh Panwar ,, Aruna Tiku , Sunil Mittal , Meghna Sankhla , Amit Sharma with khosla , Pankaj Kapoor , "P.H. Parekh" ,,, abhay kumar verma , Manan Mishra , ZAFAR AHMED Khan ,,,,,,, Nilesh Kumar ,,,, raj mohan singh tanwar , Rohinton Nariman , Satish Abarao Deshmukh ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, "" ,, Ranjit Kumar ,,,, Narasimha Pamidighantam ,,, Jual Oram ,, SS Ahluwalia ,, Balbir Punj ,,,,,, Kiran Maheshwari ,, "T. C. Gehlot" ,,, Dharmendra Pradhan ,, Tapir Gao ,, Anand Chaudhary ,,,, Satish Velankar ,,,,, Bhupender Yadav , "P.K Krishnadas" , "Dr. Anil Jain" ,, TRIVENDRA SINGH RAWAT , Rameshwar Chaurasia ,,,, Sudha Malaiya , Poonam Mahajan R ,,, Arun Jain , Arun Jain ,, "V. Shanmuganathan" , PRAKASH JAVADEKAR ,,, Nirmala Sitharaman , "Dr. B S Shastri" ,, Meenakshi Lekhi , Captain Abhimanyu ,,,,,,,, kk manan ,, Usama Siddiqui ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Rich Verma ,, "" , "" , Mukul Rohatgi ,,, suresh prabhu ,,,, Cc: Seema Sapra , Seema Sapra

Collecting these email addresses itself might have taken several calories of brain sugar, and muscular sugar for Ms. Seema Sapra, apart from several days of searching.

3. Another blog by the same Seema Sapra Click to go to The Scams, Corruption, Conflict of Interest & Benami Companies of Suresh Prabhu .

ybrao-a-donkey's humble comments. वैबीराव एक गधे के विनम्र राय . వైబీరావ్ గాడిద వినమ్ర వాణి. You have every right to differ with me. I respect your right. आपको मेरे मत से भिन्न राय रखने के संपूर्ण हक है। मै उस अधिकार को परिपूर्ण रूप से गौरव देता हुँ. మీకు, మీ భిన్నమైన అభిప్రాయాన్ని కలిగిఉండే సంపూర్ణ హక్కు ఉంది. దానిని ఎంతో నేను గౌరవిస్తాను. However, pl. examine this donkey's views also. परन्तु एस गधे के दृष्टिकोण को भी अनुशीलन कीजिये. కానీ ఈ గాడిద దృష్టికోణాన్ని కూడ ఓర చూపుతో కంటజూడుమీ, క్రీగంట జూడమీ.

We need not agree 100% with everything Ms. Seema Sapra has written. But there seems to be some elements of truth in her arguments, which the Mr. Clean BJP Government has to take into consideration for exploration and establishment of truths with the help of independent Commissions of Enquiry. These two blog posts contain extensive information about the Companies promoted by Mr. Suresh Prabhu, and his relatives. Besides, Ms. Seema Sapra has lodged her complaint even with the President of India. Nobody knows, what action might have / or might not have been initiated by our Hon. President of India, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee.

The utter corruption of Congress Rule during the last 60 years, cannot be quoted for ever, to justify the inaction of the present BJP Government. Congress has already been punished by the people in 2014. BJP is supposed to be better, and people still have hopes on it. If people turn down BJP in 2019, and reinstate Congress, that will be a greater danger to the Nation. We should remember what happened in 1980 when Ms. Indira Gandhi came back. Hence, wake up BJP.

I do not wish to suggest that Mr. Suresh Prabhu should be sacked immediately. But the BJP Party or the BJP Government has a duty to come out transparently about exploration of facts. What have have they done or what they are going to do?

TAIL PIECE धूम केतु తోకచుక్క

In Telugu language, there is a story attributed to Emperor Akbar and Birbal. Once Akbar asked Birbal, to tell the number of blind persons in the Capital. He wanted two separate lists, 1) for those who have no eyes and are blind 2) for those who have their eyes in tact, and yet cannot see. Birbal sought time, and Akbar allowed.

Next day, Birbal was sitting in a City Centre and was knitting a country cot (chArpoi) with a thread. Onlookers were surprised to find Birbal doing it in street centre, went to him and asked him what he was doing. Birbal used to say: "Won't you see. I am knitting my cot". The name of the onlooker would go into Birbal's scroll of List 2, those who have eyes, but yet cannot see.

Finally, Akbar came to know that Birbal was doing some strange thing in the Cuffe Parade. Akbar himself went there to see what Birbal was doing. Without knowing consequences, he too asked Birbal: "What are you doing?". Birbal replied as usual saying "Won't you see. I am knitting my cot". Akbar's name too went into Scroll No. 2.

The rest of the story, Readers can imagine.

Subject to corrections and deletions. A lot more is to be added. To continue. सशेष. ఇంకా ఉంది.

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